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How many pairs of well fitting trousers (including jeans) do you own?

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Do you have a preferred type of trouser? Jeans? Chinos? Slacks? Um…normals?

Trouser chat!

Including shorts too?

Wait, what are @anon34135029 and @anon26275971 doing on washing day?

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No, definitely not.

Wearing some ill fitting trousers I hate until my good ones are dry


My black jeans with the tiny bit of elastane are an absolute comfort sensation. Comfier than pyjama bottoms. Bought two pairs last time, regret not getting a third.


2x jeans (1 work 1 leisure)
1x brown cords
1x navy blue chinos
1x grey joggers but they never go outside.

Plus 3 pairs of lounge/pyjama trousers.

I assume joggers don’t count?

Oh hang on, if pyjama bottoms count then I’m going to have to revise my number

Tough one this. I’m inclined not to count joggers because they don’t fit anyone really.

I splashed out on a pair of those spoke chinos a while back. They ARE a very good fit.

(I don’t mean I splashed out :eggplant: :sweat_drops: on my trousers - I mean I spent money - they are expensive)

I have fallen foul to the mistake of finding the perfect fitting jean(usually some high street shite) wearing them out and buying a new pair.

When I finally need a replacement they are gone, vanished, the store has stopped selling these basic simple jean in favour of some current fashion.

The reason I own more than 3 is I now stock up.

About 20

Grey jeans

Different trousers for different needs: work, wedding, summer, winter, pub, party, etc.

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The pair of these I just bought were in fact the inspiration for this thread. Considering getting some of the jeans as well.

Hoogy where do you get non-awful grey jeans? All the pairs I’ve seen are horrible (NB: my choice is limited by my mighty 36" inseam).

I’ve got some grey heroes. They are a nice fit but they soil very quickly. And show up piss marks or so my friend who pisses himself a lot tells me.


:rotating_light::rotating_light::rotating_light: technical chinos :rotating_light::rotating_light::rotating_light:


None of my trousers fit well

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2 x suit trousers
3 x jeans (I normally have two pairs on the go, and the third is very worn)
almost chinos, but they’re made by O’Neill, so a bit cooler than Chinos
Cords, which I’m wearing at the moment

I keep getting tempted on accounts of how no trousers seem to fit me properly from shops but they’re so expensive and also it feels like even then, they probably won’t fit.