True Crime buffs (Rolling)

what you watching/reading/listening to?

A Murder in the Park - watched this doc, really interesting twist on the overturning a conviction narrative. Apparently the makers are making their own doc about Steven Avery at the mo. MaM season 2 is delayed :disappointed:

Went deep down the rabbit hole on the Casey Anthony trial recently - man, what a horrible state of affairs that whole mess is.

Real crime profile - still keeping up with his podcast even though it’s fallen off a bit recently, apparently been recording a bunch of new episodes though.


Watched the 4 Life and Death Row: Mass Execution episodes on iPlayer last week about whether a person’s life is worth more than the expiration date on a lethal injection of midazolam. Some pretty incredible scenes, still don’t understand how the panel decide who gets a stay and who doesn’t, they don’t ever seem to explain their decision.

Watched Voyeur on Netflix the other day, some creepy shit. Bloke decideds to buy a motel in 'murica and builds a liveable roof over the rooms so he can watch his ‘guests’. Meticulously records their height, weight, ethnicity, how many times they had oral sex, how many orgasms they had etc then decides to contact Gay Talese of the New Yorker to write an article about it 40 odd years later.

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This isn’t meant as a judgement, but do self-professed fans of true crime ever find themselves uneasy at the things they enjoy? Like, taking pleasure in a way from horrible human suffering?

oh god here we go again

Has this come up before? (Everything has come up before on DiS I guess).

yeah i watched voyeur as well, thought it had an interesting concept behind it but didn’t really end up saying much. i actually bought his book too and got about halfway through but it was basically the same.

It was pretty mince, think the thing that wound me up the most was watching Gay try to use a computer.

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yeah think it’s usually epimer who does this bit though. woulda thought a journalist of all people would be able to understand it, especially when there’ve been numerous cases of documentaries bringing corruption and false convictions into the spotlight and getting them overturned, changes in the law, etc. not denying there is plenty of purely sensationalist shite out there, mind.

Fair. Not really up for a big debate so I’ll let it be, ENJOY YOUR MURDER PORN :wink:


That last sentence is kinda presumptuous isn’t it? Like history is full of shit things happening to people, that doesn’t mean that being into history means you’re taking pleasure from people’s suffering (obviously true crime stuff has to be careful in its tone and how it’s done, but that’s a distinction between good and bad true crime works, rather than a broad sweeping criticism of an entire genre)

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Oh @ericVI has covered it nvm

Been watching loads of snuff films on the dark web too.

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love a bit of murder, me


Only into the ones where there are ghosts

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i’m so buff it’s a crime


I’m really into 24 Hours in Police Custody.

Anyone watching?

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can it really be called a crime if committed by a ghost? :ghost:

people have told me it’s good but the ads i’ve seen for it look a bit iffy

I like it but completely saw the twist in ep. 1 coming, and it was obvious the police knew much earlier than the programme suggested

No it’s good. The last 2 have been really good stories.