True Crime buffs (Rolling)

Annoyingly I read the twist online by mistake as I thought it was just a news story.

Proper juicy that one. I mean what a fucking idiot.

Did you watch the one this week? Now THAT sparked a debate in my house.

This was good. I told everyone about it at the time, but you were all obviously too busy riding your fucking bicycles!

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who presents it now?

No idea

Sue Cook?

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wait a minute!

Rumbled! I haven’t watched it for about a decade.

Who’s going to stop all the crime now? (other than the police)

internet sleuths?

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That or Batman I guess?

Watched Memories of Murder the other night, has anyone else seen it? The film is basically like Zodiac for anyone who likes Zodiac (who wouldn’t), and the case is similar too in that they never found the killer.

i really enjoyed the film for a good 90 minutes but it did that korean soap opera thing for the last half hour and it spoiled it for me. still pretty decent though, some amazing stuff in there.

Zodiac is good aye.

Yes the melodrama really hits the last 20 mins or so.

Marcia Clark (off the OJ trial) has her own tv show and podcast now. Podcast feels a bit lightweight but gonna check out the show tonight.

The Madeleine McCann episode of Generation Why is very…controversial. I had no idea the sniffer dogs alerted in the bedroom, lounge and at the boot of the family rental car (after the popo parked it in a multi story next to dozens of other cars). Also didn’t know the mum refused to answer something like 18 of the 20 questions they asked her during a lie detector test. Plus the golf bag that mysteriously disappeared and all the tapas 7 claimed not to remember having a golf bag with them. Great hour of podding.

Real Crime Profile seemed ok but they treat the non-expert girl like absolute garbage. Had to stop listening, I cannot suffer a bully.

Yeah the blood and cadaver dogs alerted in the area behind the sofa in the apartment and in the boot of their car. Most experts now agree that the evidence points to an accident in the home and a subsequent cover up, but the portugal police didn’t treat the parents as suspects until weeks later when they should always be the first people ruled out (which they still never have been).

yeah this kicked off again in a big way recently and they had to add an apology to the beginning of the episode. it was unlistenable, basically just jim clemente berating her and being a completely patronising dick the whole time. think it might have jumped the shark tbh.

Everyone’s seen the staircase by this stage I assume? Absolutely top of the hep when it comes to True Crime in my eyes.

Tower was a great recent one I haven’t heard many people talking about. Think it might be on Netflix too

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Aye, Michael Peterson is home now innit. Personally I find the owl theory quite compelling :face_with_monocle:

Not heard of Tower, will check oot.

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Re the MM case, could the McCanns feasibly sue the Gen Why producers for that episode, or would that entail them having to prove their innocence?

Also yeah, I hate Jim. Exactly how I imagine most feds are IRL, absolute fat necked egomaniacs.

Nah not at all, all that info has been published in numerous books and even broadcast on panorama if I recall. The McCanns have spent lots of time in court trying to stop stuff like that being published but haven’t had much success.

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