True Detective



Just noticed that there’s no thread about True Detective on these boards and I’ve just finished season 2, so thought I’d start one.

Have to admit, I was expecting season 2 to be beyond awful from everything I’d heard, and while it wasn’t great, it was far from awful. Some odd casting choices, and a bit narrative heavy, but otherwise tight. Considering the massively underwhelming ending to season 1 after so much greatness in the first few episodes, it’s strange it gets such flak considering.


Season three next year apparently, so now we have a thread.


firsr series was goodbut had such a letdown reveal, should have left it at that


They were never going to match the first series were they? As hooky as the ending was, it was bloody brilliant. McConaughey’s character in particular was absolutely haunting, the chemistry between the two leads was great, cinematically it was exceptional. Probably one of the best debut series of all time. Had it not come after that, a bit like Series 2 of Fargo, it’d have been more warmly received.

Also, Vince Vaughn. Ruins stuff doesn’t he. Basically the male Amy Adams.


Does fargo get shit rhen?


You can call me shtimpy


Series 1 was excellent, i thought, despite Tim.

Series 2, well, people say it was decent, but i couldn’t get into it.

Series 3’s pure shite.

I reckon a lot of Series 1 was down to yer man BBT.


Tried watching the first episode of season 1 but really struggled and turned it off


genuinely thought vince vaughn would rise to the occasion and stun us with Excellent Acting.

how wrong i was.


Forgot how absurd series 2 was:


Loved season 1, McConababe’s best work imo.


My feelings on True Detective:

S1 Episodes 1-7 were some incredibly compelling TV despite being a bit slooooow.
S1 Episode 8 was such a lame finish that only an ‘it was all a dream’ ending would have disappointed more.

S2 Episodes 1-4: Why are we still watching this? What the hell, this is shiiiit.
S2 Episodes 5-8: Woah, did they take a break while Vince Vaughan got some acting lessons? Did someone edit the scripts to be better? Yeah still a few weird contrivances but still cool.

In general I think the main trick missed in Season 2 was the continuation of the King in Yellow theme as a central idea. Particularly because I read the book it was from and that opens with four different (weird) stories that all reference The King in Yellow but in entirely separate setups, so it would have been great if that same thread had been here.

Apparently they’re making Season 3.


I honestly found Season 2 of Fargo to be the best, despite the space ships and the lazy racism surrounding the Native American character the fact he was basically every stereotype of the Native American on show but actually he was an orphan brought up by that family?

I think Season 3 started off really not gelling with me but the second half was a lot better and more interesting.


He wasn’t good but I’m not sure anyone could have convincingly delivered the weird dialogue they gave him


hang on are there books? might be interested in this


I tried to get the book season 1 was based on and ended up getting one in French - the English language edition seemed to be out of print, but that might have changed by now


Le Detective Vrai


It’s a really old book called The King in Yellow and it’s free on Amazon as it’s out of copyright.

It’s not actually THAT good. I mean it wants to be Poe but it doesn’t quite hack it. However, one of the opening stories is sci-fi about the 1920s when there’s been a big war with Germany or something. Basically I didn’t read that it was written in 1895 so I was reading thinking “oh, maybe I misunderstood quite how WWI went from a perspective in the USA straight after”. Nope, dude just read the signs I guess.


wowza. might dip into this.

S1’s final episode was a bit of a travesty, all told. loved it totally up until then


season 1 was fucking incredible, still love this scene


yeah imagine writing that and then writing the finale of season 1. lol hillbillies!!!