True Detective



Series 2 was dreadful.

The ending of Series 1 was trite, admittedly, but I thought it was lovely and I’ll hear nothing bad said about it.


oh i don’t mind THAT bit. I do mind the ‘they ARE inbred yokels after all!’ lowest common denominator copout.

then again i did like the idea that they had caught their killer and just had to accept that that was going to have to be good enough.


Didn’t mind the ending of season 1 tbh tbf. Rinsed that series - think I watched the whole lot over two evenings. Probably due a re-watch.

If season 2 was called anything other than True Detective it would have been…fine? The old crooked land deal has been done to death as a plotline however.

Another vote for The King In Yellow book - reminds me a lot of HP Lovecraft…


I’ve not seen season 2 but I just want to say that part of episode 4 of season 1 with the long one-shot raid bit is the best TV ever.


I remember watching that for the first time - after the episode finished, I immediately went back and watched that sequence another two times.Lovely stuff. Interview with the director about it here:

As I mentioned in the rolling horror thread, I got a lot of True Detective series 1 vibes from Hereditary…


It looks like I’m in the minority but I really enjoyed season 2, found it a bit hard going to start with but became quite engrossed, I also didn’t mind Vince Vaughn.

I always felt season 1 was leading up to something that then never transpired and I felt quite let down by the final episode. I think I need to rewatch season 1.

I will be watching season 3.


would still like to see some sort of spin-off of cole being undercover with that biker gang


saw all of series one on a long haul flight -
should rewatch really!


That’s pretty immersive m9 - when you got off the flight did you actually think you were Cole?


Finished re-watching this over the weekend. Still pretty great second time around. Although Matthew McConaughey got most of the plaudits, I reckon Woody Harrelson is every bit as good - he just gets to play a fairly dislikeable character. That said, it’s very pleasing when his character puts together the vital piece of evidence to finally solve the case. It’s really noticeable second time around just how much patience the series asks of the viewer - the first three episodes are extremely slow paced (although thereby facilitating the character establishment in both time periods nicely). The stash house scene at the end of episode four remains the highlight however - genuinely exhilarating TV. Also like how the ending in no way tries to wrap everything up. All the weirdness that is just below the surface, all of the bizarre backstories that are never explained and how so many of the female characters seem to have been touched by the evil of the male characters, is just left…still there. Also, it’s never really made clear if everything is connected or if it’s all just part of the evil banality of everyday life. Overall, lovely stuff - hopefully season three can recapture some of the magic…


Trudy Tective


Tru Dat Ective


One of the weirdest things I ever did was write excerpts of True Detective season 1 using Talking Heads lyrics as dialogue.

Let’s see if the hide details tag can cope (cw: long af):

Excerpts from True Detective

Detectives Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth, assigned to the RISD precinct, are tracking down the serial killer known only as Wordy Rappinghood. But his MO brings up dark memories for them both. Memories… that can’t wait.

Chris: ‘So you bunked with him, huh? What did he talk about?’
Prisoner: ‘Well, I asked him, what you gonna do when you get out of jail?’
Tina: ‘What did he say?’
Prisoner: ‘Nothing - all he’d tell me was, “I’m gonna have some fun.” And I think he was looking to restart his law career somehow. He kept mentioning a big suit.’

Tina: ‘Do you remember anyone there? Do you remember anyone at all?’
Inbred-looking guy: ‘There’s a party in my mind… and it never stops.’
Tina: ‘Well, that isn’t what we hoped for. Can you tell us anything else about that time?’’
Inbred-looking guy: ‘Time won’t change you. Circles won’t change you.’

[Chris looks at Tina]

Inbred-looking guy: ‘What is happening to my skin?’
Chris: ‘Your face is a building. Which is on fire.’

[Painted in blood at a murder scene:]


Tina: ‘The victim died from blood loss after both feet were severed, which makes the head injury post-mortem.’
Chris: ‘He lobotomised her after cutting off her feet? But why?’
Tina: ‘Who needs to think when your feet just go?’

Chris: ‘Start from the top. Who? Who is he? Who?’
Shady guy: ‘No idea. He’s got three passports, couple of visas. I don’t even know his real name’.


Chris: ‘Other people’s problems, they overwhelm my mind. They say compassion is a virtue, but I don’t have the time.’
Tina: ‘Uh-huh.’
Chris: ‘Things fall apart. It’s scientific.’
Tina: ‘My interest level’s dropping.’

Chris: 'Victim was discovered in a pile of shattered disco 12"s. Looks like he bled out from multiple lacerations covering the body… from a-higgity high to a-higgity low. ’
Tina: ‘The records are smashed, and the cake and balloons are gone. This ain’t no party - and this ain’t no disco, either.’

Tina: ‘We know you’ve been working for Rappinghood. Give us your confession and we’ll cut you a deal. See if you can fit it on the paper.’
Chris: ‘Oh fine, go ahead and rip up, rip up the paper. You’ll be going to a place where nothing ever happens, pal.’

Jerry: ‘Feels like a murder, but that’s alright.’
Tina: ‘Oh my god, he’s got a gun! Chris!’
Jerry: ‘I’m charged up… don’t put me down!’
Chris: ‘Jerry, it’s us! Come on, man!’
Jerry: ‘Don’t feel like talking… don’t mess around!’
Chris: ‘Jerry, no!’


Chris: ‘You can’t arrest us! This is a set-up, all of it! Call Captain Brown! Get James Brown down here! Jaaaaaames Broooooown!’

Capt. Brown: ‘You were both present at the scene of Harrison’s death, but you can’t account for how you came to be there. Okay, you know the drill. This is the part where I take your badges and guns.’
Tina: ‘We’ve heard this little scene. We’ve heard it many times.’

Chris: ‘Sometimes I ask myself, ‘am I right? Am I wrong?’ What are we doing, you know?’
Tina: ‘Don’t worry. I know our hearts are in the right place. I know we’ll be able to do these things.’

Fireman: ‘I’m just an ordinary guy, but if you ask me, that house was burned down. See the way everything’s stuck together? Indicates use of an accelerant. Normally, wood and carpet doesn’t burn that hot, but here… the heat goes on.’
Chris: ‘How hot was it?’
Fireman: ‘Three. Hun. Dred. Six. Ty. Five. De. Grees.’
Chris: ‘Thank you, thank you.’
Fireman: ‘You don’t have to mention it.’
Tina: ‘Gum?’
Fireman: ‘No, thanks.’

Tina: ‘Hi. I’ve got a tape I want to play.’
Chris: ‘Nooooooo!’

Chris: ‘All this evidence, hardened in my heart. It’s… baffling.’
Tina: ‘I think we’re getting closer. Jerry left a trail. I wonder if he too might have made a similar mistake.’

Tina: ‘He’s getting sloppy, rushed - like he’s stopped making sense. What happened here?’’
Chris: ‘The victim was clubbed to death with a cylindrical object, like a drum. A snare, perhaps, or…’
Tina: ‘…oh god.’
Chris: ‘Tina, this must be the place.’

[Voice in the dark:]

Think of Carcosa, a small city.
It’s dark, dark in the daytime.

And you may unmask yourself. Well… how did I get here?

Tina: ’ David, cool down. Stop acting crazy!’
David: ‘You’d best believe this thing is real.’
Tina: ‘Walk lightly! We were friends once. Think of a time…’

[Chris enters, gun drawn]

Chris: ‘David! Put away that gun! This part is simple.’

[David drops his gun]

Tina: ‘Chris, thank god!’
Chris: ‘It’s okay, Tina. You’re gonna leave, and we’ll be on our own.’

[David slowly puts his hands up. Tina takes David’s gun and LEAVES. Chris holds David at gunpoint]

Chris: ‘What’s the matter with you?’
David: ‘I’m alright.’
Chris: ‘How do you know?’
David: ‘The lord won’t mind.’
Chris: ‘Don’t play no games.’
David: ‘I’m alright. From the bottom to the top.’
Chris: ‘Turn like a wheel.’
David: ‘Well, alright.’
Chris: ‘Hands on your head.’
David: ‘The court won’t mind.’
Chris: ‘We’re gonna move. Right now.’
David: ‘Can’t stop. I might end up in the hospital.’
Chris: ‘What’s that?’
David: ‘I never enjoyed your solo career, Chris.’

[David pulls a KNIFE and lunges at Chris, CUTTING his arm. Chris FIRES and misses. The two struggle, Chris drops his gun. Chris HEADBUTTS David, and the knife spins away. They break off, each looking for a weapon. The knife is between them, while Chris’ gun has been kicked to the side]

David: ‘To your right, little creature!’

[They both dive for the knife. David gets there first, but Chris lands on top of him. They fight, but it isn’t clear who’s winning. Suddenly, a great SHOUT. Chris breaks off, shocked. He checks himself for injury]

Chris: ‘Nothing there - no information left of any kind…’

[David has been STABBED in the chest, he’s bleeding out. He struggles to his feet and speaks]

David: ‘There was a line… there was a formula. Sharp as a knife… facts cut… a hole in…’

[David collapses]

Chris: ‘Wait! Why did you kill them? They were living creatures! People like us!’
David (spits blood): ‘It’s not even worth talking about those people down there.’
Chris: ‘You could be wrong. Actually, you are wrong.’

[David coughs up more blood]

Chris: ‘You’re gonna meet them all over again.’
David: ‘…night must fall… darker, darker…’

[David DIES]

Chris: ‘God help us…’
Tina [outside]: ‘I’m still waiting.’

[outside the hospital]

Chris : ‘Sometimes the world has a load of questions. Seems like the world knows nothing at all.’
Tina: ‘There’s no need to worry. Everything’s under control.’
Chris: ‘This was a warning sign of things to come.’
Tina: ‘A straight line exists between us and the good things. I have found the line, and its direction is known to me.’
Chris : ‘That’s hard logic to follow.’
Tina: ‘Then loosen up!’

[Chris laughs]

Chris: ‘Shall we go talk to the captain?’
Tina: ‘Nah. I’ve called in sick; I won’t go to work today. I’d rather be with the one I love.’

[Tina offers Chris some gum]

David Byrne is actually a psychopath huh


Season 3 back in January…


Ready for it? I’m excited.


Back on now pals, two episodes ready to dive in.

I am a big Mahershala Ali fan so looking forward to it.


only watched the first episode but it already seems better than season 2


Yeah there’s a weird thing where you’re not supposed to like series 2 even though it’s good.

Really looking forward to this


i didn’t dislike season 2 i just struggled to understand a lot of what was said and even after finishing it and reading this - i still wasn’t entirely sure what had happened


Fair play to them for realising nobody liked Vince Vaughn and just trying to remake Series 1 again.

(Series 2 was okayish if you view it completely separate to the first, i guess…just the McConaughey charachter was so, so good it felt like a backward step).