True stories that you think would make a good film/TV series


I think they should make a feature film about the final Apollo missions and the political machinations surrounding the cancelling of Apollo 18, 19 and 20, and stuff. Ripe for 1970s set design, music, and some serious acting.

It’d be probably directed by David Fincher.


I agree


concur fully


Jamie Vardy


apples with jam on

Brian Blessed to play all the characters


I think there is still a story to tell about Hillsborough. Perhaps from the perspective of the people who campaigned


talking in riddles, eh?


bradford jesus man


Purple Aki


That time I pulled my headphones out of my pocket and one of the rubber end bits had fallen off. But it was a sort of light green colour and the trees had recently dropped loads of little bits of green, so I searched and searched and never found it. So I had to switch up to the slightly more uncomfortable large size rubber plugs.

And then a month or so later I hoovered the bedroom thoroughly and after I’d put the hoover away I spotted something on the floor and gave a ‘tut’ at the impossibility of missing this tiny thing with the hoovering I gave, and I picked it up and it was my missing medium sized rubber end bit. It must have come off as I put them into my pocket that time.

So then I had my classic medium sized, well fitting plugs back in and I celebrated by putting on a The Julie Ruin album.

Fade, credits.


H H Holmes


L L Langsford