Trump 2018 - Road to Midterms/Nuclear War

  • Trump is not President at end of 2018
  • Trump is still President at end of 2018

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  • Republicans keep control of Senate and House in 2018
  • Democrats win back the House in 2018
  • Democrats win back the House and Senate in 2018

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I think we’ve already seen that all norms are out the window. He’s done tens of things that would have sunk anyone else, and somehow it just doesn’t seem to matter. It has just fed into his “anti establishment for the working man” image, in spite of the fact that he has done nothing but hurt them.



The only thing that will stop Trump in 2018 is if his health catastrophically fails to the extent that it cannot be covered up. He’s already clearly mentally incompetent, but his physical frailty is increasingly evident.

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I’m going to stop reading and watching the news completely this year, because there’s no fucking point and my mental health’s more important.


I don’t really buy this ‘nothing he does is making a difference’. His approval rating is awful considering this is supposed to be his honeymoon period. And all the things he’s doing might well help to sink the Republicans in Congress at the end of the year, it’s only the fact they’ve gerrymandered the House that might keep tham afloat.

My brother’s new year resolution is to stop worrying about the usa and worry more about hungary, poland , austria etc. Think he might be on to something.


In the meantime, his sponsors are getting everything they wanted. Gut the EPA, gut healthcare, declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel and so on. Those sponsors could care less if he gets turfed out after a couple of years and the wall hasn’t been built. The significant long term damage is being done quickly.

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Not really my point though, my point is he’s not popular and the party might (emphasis on might) suffer as a result. You say ‘He’s done tens of things that would have sunk anyone else’ but I’m not sure what that means. nobody gets impeached for gutting healthcare and giving the rich a tax break or even being a moron, otherwise Bush Jr would have lasted a week. Most of that stuff you mention would have been done under any Republican President right now as well.






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Why are people still talking about a 2020 candidate? There’s midterms to worry about first, then they can argue themselves stupid over who to pick in 2020.

He reportedly eats nothing but steak and burgers and I think is on record as saying he never exercises so to be quite honest at 71 I’m surprised he’s even alive now. Ill health might be our best bet.


His approval level is low but has not really changed much since his inauguration, so broadly those who supported him still support him despite a year of absolute fuckwittery.

Their goal is to loot the state so I don’t think they care about long term damage to the GOP; their base is ageing and dying off and their policies are massively unpopular outside the culture war stuff anyway. Most of what they’ve shoved through has all kinds of locks in place making it difficult for a Democrat government to undo. Once they get their war with Iran, NK or Russia it’s pretty much mission accomplished.

I think they’d prefer a war where there’s at least a brief honeymoon period, unlikely to get that with any of those countries. War with Mexico it is!

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incredible :smiley:


beat me too it - this is next level stuff right here


Fair point. I’m not even just thinking of policy, I’m thinking of utterances too, but I guess I’m also comparing the UK to the USA to an extent. What British politician could have withstood “grab her by the pussy”? But it does apply to the USA too. Think of Hillary and the email server and how that helped to undo her presidential bid. Yet Jared Kushner and others have done similar. Clinton got hoisted upon far lesser crimes than the many that the Trump administration have committed.