Trump 2018 - Road to Midterms/Nuclear War

  1. Edinburgh is further west than Cardiff

  1. Google was originally called Backrub


she’s so frigging good on twitter


i heard about this. i reckon it was discussed during the meeting israel had with him pre-inauguration. other than being cruel and antagonistic, what strategic goal is this supposed to achieve.



Visual metaphor for the current administration:


I must say, one great thing to have come out of today’s developments is the proliferation of the term “shithole” across the news all day. Even at lunchtime it was being repeated over and over. Great stuff.


I wish Moira Stewart was still reading the 1pm news. Hearing her talk about that would be quite something.



The Haiti comments in particular so much more depressing when you consider that the nation is arguably in the position its in because of western arseholery/ punishment since its inception for the temerity to want to be free



superb piece of heartfelt writing here

The parallels between the black American experience and the Palestinian experience are overwhelming. Staring into the worm-infested water tank on top of a dilapidated house in Aida refugee camp, I can’t help but think of Flint, Michigan, and the rust-colored lead-poisoned water that flows through their faucets. As I gaze over the 25-foot “separation wall,” the economic disparity is acutely transparent; the Israeli side of the wall looks like the Capitol in The Hunger Games , while the Palestinian side reads like a snapshot from a war photographer. It’s as if the South Side of Chicago’s most forgotten and disenfranchised neighborhoods were separated from the luxury of Downtown’s Gold Coast by a simple concrete wall. The sight alone is emotional, and many people in the group cried on that roof. Rage cannot describe how I feel thinking of the insects swimming in that water tank, while just across the wall is an Israeli settlement with an Olympic-size swimming pool.


It’s getting to the point where i genuinely hope someone pops the cunt.


Thing is, the Nine Elms redevelopment area is basically all garish skyscrapers aimed at globe trotting new money classless trash, and as the grandaddy of that set, so you’d think he’d love it…


I mean, it’s obviously about the likely protests bruising his ego, I just don’t think the Tories are supposed to publicly acknowledge it.


fucking what?




we’re officially the most embarrassing country on earth.

even our fascists are shitter that other fascists


I’d like to think there was a precise moment in planning when one guy floated the idea “Should i bring that fake reg plate i had knocked up, could make quite a good photo opportunity, Dave?”.


“Might as well mate, cant believe those traitor libtard cucks at the DVLA don’t let you use it”


Mr Khan calmly sat down and flicked through a newspaper as the disruption was handled.

Mr Khan said: “It is a pleasure to be here even though we were distracted by the actions of what some would call very stable geniuses.”

this, though :sunglasses: