Trump 2018 - Road to Midterms/Nuclear War


Wohl’s the coffee shop guy, isn’t he? So many of these bona fide Lionel Hutzes involved in American politics now. It’s great.


Big Bob’s got to pull an absolute doozy out of the bag this week.


Re: This birthright citizen thing.

Can we not just get rid of all citizenship? It’s used just to spread hate. Imagine being arrogant enough to tell someone where they can live.


Hope you’re not holding your breath, big man.


The fact Mueller is unlikely to turn up anything big just makes it funnier than some MAGA chump tried ineptly to hobble him.


That’s such an absurd statement. Manafort, Cohen, and Flynn - all pretty senior Trump admin/org figures - are all doing time, and co-operating with the investigation to boot.

But yeah sure - nothing’s come up


‘Anything big’ in the sense Mueller is going to provide a smoking gun that is somehow going to get Trump impeached, which is what a lot of the hashtag Resistance seem to ardently believe.


Yeah, I’m a bit wary of falling into the trap of saying that the investigation has turned up nothing big.

I guess it might not be big enough to pull down Trump, but in any other circumstances the crimes of those associated with Trump would have brought down the president.

It’s a bit like the Sun complaining that the investigation into phone hacking resulted in few trials. Well, that’s true, to a point, but only because lots of people admitted guilt before it got to that stage.


they are talking about wrapping up the investigation aren’t they?


I’ve said this before, but i still think people fundamentally misunderstand the real reason for and most likely outcome of the investigation at all. When they checkmate Trump, or more likely those closest to him, who i expect he’ll chuck under the bus anyway, it will be because there’s conclusive proof of serious financial misdoings. The stuff about sextapes and double agents and whatever else is merely to keep the appetite of the general public whetted.


Sorry, as mentioned, I meant in terms of turfing out Trump.


The “hashtag resistance” has basically argued that Trump should be impeached - given the makeup of the house/senate, I’m pretty sure only people that need to learn football US legislative politics think there’s a prospect of him actually being removed from office by the Senate in the near future.

With that said, the odds of him specifically being impeached are higher in the next year or two, given that there’s a decent chance of the mid-terms being a proper blue wave.

“they” have been talking about that since about… June last year.


even if doesn’t get impeached, as you say it ties to why the democrats winning the house is so so important. A democratic congress enables subpoena power and congress investigations into a range of things.


i can’t find the article now, itt somewhere there is a recent news story where they were saying the investigation is pretty much done and boss feds want the little feds to wrap it up cos they are tired of the political ramifications or whatever.


it was this


Even in the very unlikely scenario where the Dems retake the Senate, and then Meuller or whoever provides them with incontrovertible proof of Russian involvement/financial misdoings (which nobody outside extremely online circles gives a shit about anyway), they won’t impeach him. Willing to place bets on that.




I can’t see that happening. It’s already very tight, and don’t forget that pretty much none of the opinion polling so far has been able to factor in the voter disenfranchisement and purging that will only become apparent on polling day when people actually turn up to try and cast their ballot.


I read that. Looked more like a bit of pre-elections PR than anything else. Can’t really see a by-the-book career FBI man and his team swiftly wrapping up such a high-profile, highly expensive case because of a suggestion from above, but…


they’re up to all kinds of fuckery in texas iirc, electronic voting machines changing votes from o’rourke to cruz, dodgy robocalls about o’rourke being made to undecided voters, etc.