Trump 2018 - Road to Midterms/Nuclear War


hopefully they keep going


Brazilian election casts a nasty shadow over all of this for me, if they do impeach him who’s to say the backlash won’t be even worse.


They’re not going to impeach him. They’ll get Kushner cornered on money laundering charges or something. What happens after that, idk.


The implications of Kushner going down would be really interesting. A lot of Trump’s agenda seems to have been to advance Ivanka as much as possible. Potentially ending their relationship by pushing Kushner under the bus would be crazy.


We’ll see - I’m still optimistic of there being <200 Republicans in the house, which isn’t far off the median there.


I feel really stupid for forgetting that you need a Senate supermajority to actually impeach.


There’s a lot of talk about how the Meuller investigation restoring faith in the political system, but really the only way that’s going to happen is if the Republicans get beaten convincingly at the ballot box. Impeaching Trump or allowing him to retire in disgrace or whatever will allow him to continue the narrative of the deep state and spooks versus the swamp draining maverick forever.

And yeah, the fact the Republicans are now fully engaged in the project of turning the US into a Russia or Turkey-like pseudo-democracy makes the task of beating them at the ballot box difficult. But the Dems have their own spineless and corrupt selves to blame for that.


the long night is over, that’s word to pimp :v::+1::pray:


such a fucking megatwat



“My income and credibility has fallen”



Literally release a blexit clothing line this week to encourage black people to leave the democrats


i think he’s been psy-opped by the maga intel crowd


Honest to God. This is a bit in a Simpsons episode. This isn’t something that actually happened.


This is the world we live in


Sending 15,000 troops to the border.

They’re just gonna shoot a load of people to see how long it stays in the news cycle in preparation for whatever’s next.


Looks like this is the next step


That’s some carefully chosen syntax right there.


Pretty partisan source admittedly


That sanctions are coming thing is fucking unbelievable but seems like hardly anyone is talking about it?


would say its probably his maddest tweet ever