Trump 2018 - Road to Midterms/Nuclear War


Can’t believe this is actually real :man_facepalming:



“My penis is 5, or 7, or 10 inches long”.


The right wing have done such a good job of normalising refugees and migrants as an invading army that this absolute insanity is going more or less unremarked. They’re doing this a thousand miles away from where these few thousand starving Guatemalans are.


‘Operation Faithful Patriot.’

There isn’t a need for satire any more is there?


We can replace all satirical cartoons with Munch’s Scream from now until forever really.


Someone should remake it with the Statue of Liberty instead, would rake in the likes on the satire thread.

EDIT - Hah, why did I think that was an original idea


It’s OK guys, turns out he’s not a racist after all


Apparently the ‘economy is doing well’ so I expect Republicans to make gains tomorrow


Fully expecting him to hold the senate and congress followed by a load of handwringing that leads to the dems running Hilary again in 2020 and he gets a 2nd term


Such a wonderfully nebulous concept. Someone, somewhere is making a shitload of cash so the country’s doing good. Do you really want to throw that all away? It sounds convincing to anyone completely insulated from the wholesale gutting of public infrastructure and every other effect of the wolves being in charge for two years, i.e. the core Republican vote.


I do enjoy the “I’m not racist, I’m xenophobic” argument.

Oh my apologies, let’s be best friends then.


*Dems running Cory Booker/Joe Biden. They have new centrists to pick these days

Anyway, there is an approx 15% chance of the Republicans holding the House and 85% chance they hold the Senate. Update your opening post midterms predictions if you want before tomorrow!


Let’s see how many people turn up to vote in the toss ups who have been wiped of the registers first


I Imagine most of them already got wiped off prior to 2016. While voter suppression is a major issue (which will never be dealt with at this rate), I’m sceptical that opinion polls are taking in swathes of people who will suddenly realise tomorrow they can’t vote. I suspect those people already found that out in the last few years.

All I know is that though there’s still a chance this goes badly for the Democrats (15-20% is a lot more than 0% after all), there’s always some hope considering this Republican party managed to lose a Senate election in Alabama.


taxes and voting strategy are my kryptonite, i usually just steal opinions from on here and pass them off as my own takes. cheers guys, is what i’m saying.


It might be an issue in the Georgia gubernatorial election, which is neck and neck in the polls. Stacy Abrams seems to have energised black voters, but they’re the ones most likely to be hit by voter suppression, so that could be the deciding factor :frowning:

(Fingers crossed for her, she’s great and would be the first black female governor I think?)

US Midterm elections thread

There are 4 close house races in Illinois, all of which are Republican. The analysis so far seems to point to just one Republican loss, it’s a biggie though - Peter Roskam is pretty awful (they all are…)

The Governors race should see a return to democrat control, although it could end up being tighter than the expected landslide. The States Attorney General race is supposedly very close.

In the 3rd district there’s no chance Lipinski loses, he’s running against the former leader of the American Nazi party, Art Jones. The republican party didn’t select anyone to run in their primary (it’s a waste of time as it’s a Lipinski family seat, passed down father to son) so Art Jones darted in and seized the opportunity. He was disowned by the local party, but 20,000 people still put a cross next to his name. I wonder how many people will do the same tomorrow , either through ignorance (red all the way down) or…

Down the ballot there are three utterly corrupt judges who will hopefully be tossed out. A judge hasn’t been booted since the 60’s or something wild.

There’s also a whole load of questions concerning rent control, weed tax revenue, term limits and mental health care.

Either way there’s a lot going on locally.



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