Trump 2018 - Road to Midterms/Nuclear War


I see. 90% chance we’re doomed according to popular website drowned in sound.

I’m away oot, I may be some time…


there is reason to be hopeful imo


The simple fact remains that Trump didn’t win the '16 election, Hillary lost it. So do the Democrats have a convincing narrative to overcome the CARAVAN COMIN TO GET U the Republicans are currently flooding the airwaves with? I think some of the candidates get it; there’s no doubt they’ve moved slightly leftwards, and have coallesced around healthcare as a standout issue, which is good. The data looks generally positive, with the Dems almost certain to win back the House come what may.

But I think one of the things Trump has managed to do (which Democrat presidents deliberately do not) is continue to energise the people who pushed him into power, making them continue to turn out as if it were an election year. Disaffection is kinda one of the things you’re hoping for to push you over the line, and I don’t think the Dems contesting the really tight elections (of which there are a troubling number) are going to get it. Ted Cruz for instance is going to win despite everything, and that will set the general tone. Tight House win, Senate hold.


Texas was never likely to vote for a Democrat Senator though (they haven’t since 1992, and that was a guy who was first elected there in the early 70s). The Senate map this year is as bad as it could get for Democrats.


We should expect most likely a mixed outcome which will leave everyone not knowing what to think


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Congratulations to the 30% who got the midterm results right!




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Florida is gonna be a crazy bananas situation in 2020 now, too





Some interesting exit polling starting to emerge on messaging and issues:


President Donald Trump says Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s (pahm-PAY’-ohz)



“Right, we’ve got two years left, John, you fire Jeff and get rid of this Mueller shit, Junior get the Russians on the line and sell them the launch codes, Ivanka, start sneaking the silverware out”.


Was bound to happen after last nights results


For some reason, I can only read that in an Alan Partridge voice, with Ivanka replaced by Lynn.


It’s not good news though, is it.


Of course not.


He really is a giant baby, isn’t he