Trump 2018 - Road to Midterms/Nuclear War


Like I know this is an obvious thing to say, but it’s just really apparent when you see him challenged face to face. A privileged upbringing and a lifetime of being surrounded by Yes Men really don’t prepare you for the scrutiny of public office and he absolutely cannot handle it.



They all are:


And the White House are now pushing a doctored video from Infowars to try and back up their claim…


Looks like quite a lot of down ballot success for the Dems. They can start unpicking some of the gerrymandering and other fuckery that’s been going on.

Plus some established state infrastructure in red areas may convince them that they don’t actually have to run Republican-lite candidates in those states.


Yes although I am also reminded of Obama’s “You’re in my house” outburst that time?

I mean Trump is bad obviously…


must remember to tell the people ethnically cleansed from standing rock that the oligarchy is not “total”


I hate to be the one, but really this is astonishing. Orwell’s ideas around the Ministry of History was so close to the actual reality; we just didn’t think that it’d happen in a “democracy”. The folk sharing this stuff around as if it is fact online now is simply mind boggling.

Turns out allowing everyone to speak their mind confirms what we all probably assumed - that we are collectively all dumb as shit.


lol, he’s also named after a confederate general

a bundle of slugs stuffed into a gross old man costume. good riddance.


Gave up his senate seat to help trump and trump has fucked him over.
Truly delicious


And as a result of him giving up the senate seat the Republicans then needlessly lost the seat (I know they have Senate control anyway, but was still funny when Moore lost)


This is worrying. Firstly, hope she’s OK. But if she decides to stand down from the Supreme Court, Trump would get a third pick, and now has a bigger Senate majority so could force through someone even worse than Kavanagh. Even if he ends up being a 1 term president, thats a legacy that could fuck things up for decades to come.


She won’t resign unless she absolutely has to (she should have resigned in 2013 anyway). If anyone is going to resign in the next two years it’s Clarence Thomas as he’s a total dickhead. Of course we could have RBG dying + Thomas stepping down = a whole Supreme Court of MAGA judges. Great system there guys.


So depressing, I hope she stays on the court with life support if need be,

All the Kavanaugh stuff has made me think that a term limit wouldn’t be a bad idea, I think in Australia where I’m from they just have to retire when they are 70.


Difficult innit, because ultimately it’s ageist and that. Some people are old at 55 and others are sharp at 85. But still, aye. Not right, is it?


Does this thread need a new title now?


We’ll just set up a Trump 2019 thread in January - start thinking of snappy subtitles!


‘Kill yourself and everyone around you’



Is that a message for Trump or DiS users?