Trump 2018 - Road to Midterms/Nuclear War


I only wish all right wing shitheads were as hapless as Jeb.




Pretty ballsy move to just admit to it like that.




Doubtful that she’ll get the nomination though surely the DNC aren’t that foolish.


The WSJ piece is pure speculation and wishful thinking. A more accurate headline would be “Hillary Should Run Again”.


think they’re contracted to run one of these articles for her every 3 months or so




What was that about?


original footage was from a coupla years back.



Some weird conspiracy thing blowing up on Twitter about how a lot of key accounts stopped Tweeting suddenly

I mean MichaelCohen just Tweeted a few hours after this but the other stuff seems to check out. Reasons aren’t clear though.

That quote Tweet mentions RICO which someone responds to with this:

Which I found interesting actually.

Anyway, I assume it’s actually just a coincidence or something.





I have no idea who that is but I guess it’s this Tucker Carlson bloke?

Anyway, I see!


I support an indefinite Twitter boycott 100%.

Now they need to be bold and boycott TV, radio, print and the internet in general too. You can do it guys!


sensible people seem convinced there’s a better than average chance HC is throwing her hat into the ring


They shouldn’t worry, they’ll still have Joe Biden and Cory Booker when she doesn’t run


This is just people agreeing with the WSJ op-ed from Sunday that says that Clinton should run isn’t it?