Trump 2018 - Road to Midterms/Nuclear War


i also reckon polo shirt manufacturers in the US are going to be proper freaking out when they realise that over here it’s almost entirely associated with hyper-right thickos now


“Bring an American flag as well!”
“Can’t get hold of a flag, this stars and stripes bandana will have to do.”


:grinning: they offered a sovereign citizen defence of the protest


And then we get Mike ‘electrocute the gay away’ Pence, and the Republicans are still in charge of Congress anyway. God knows Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan are just as loathsome as Trump.


reminder: nuclear war could start over a stupid misunderstanding or hoax report. this is terrifying.



Apparently got pushed out to mobile phones as well:


Yeah, my friend in Hawaii was telling us about it on discord, was on a subway and the mood turned hysterical, phone got knocked out of her hand and broken. Scary as all hell. Really hope whoever’s responsible never works in government again.


christ. if it was real i imagine i would have to find some booze or pills or something, no way could i die sober under those conditions.


Bang on half time in the footie at least though.

Pretty terrifying stuff though - sat there watching the match with a couple of beers and that fucking pops up. Imagine that, the last ever thing you see would be that potato headed twat. Horrific.


Bone-chilling stuff. Not helped by the fact that the last thing your eyes would have seen is Wayne Rooney’s gnarled face.

Edit - totally didn’t even read what you’d written beneath until after i’d posted this. Speaks volumes about Rooney’s grid that, in terms of horror, it comes a close second to imminent nuclear fire.


Fucking hell. That’s genuinely terrifying. The robot voice really doesn’t help either.


Surely someone couldn’t accidentally press a button for something like that. Surely there’s a code, or a key, or a few buttons to press? Is it not more likely someone’s gone rogue or it was done very purposely with political aims?


most awesome news


If as they say there’s a test to make sure systems are still up at the end of a shift, it’s plausible that everything up until the last button press/key turn is activated I guess?



Absolute state of those muppets


That’s led me to their website.

Statute is the WILL of Parliament vs Common Law and the Constitution is the WILL of the people. Parliament may not legislate any “Statute” so as to cause rebellion. Parliament are NOT sovereign we ARE. When Parliament is dissolved Sovereignty is returned to the people and Her Majesty.

England is the Mother of Common Law Jurisdiction, Common Law and the 12 Judges (Our Peers) cradle democracy in their hands (by oath). They have the God-given right by Natural Justice to void by their conscience and their opinion ANY Law. No statute can alter their rights to defend you and YOUR Liberty and Freedom.

I’m not sure any of that actually means anything


It looks like someone’s taken a a-level law book and run a paragraph through a 4 language loop on google translate.


Ugh. Awful people. That woman is SO desperate to recite the thing she’s memorised.


sounds like she’s reciting a magic spell