Trump 2018 - Road to Midterms/Nuclear War


It’s really gratifying to watch her repeatedly dunking on them on Twitter, though, so there’s that.


she’s great


Haha yeah it’s hilarious seeing them all lose their collective minds over one solitary congresswoman. I mean I don’t think she’s the saviour or anything like some people seem to, but what she’s done is undeniably impressive.


I mainly like her because she understands how news works now, and is quick enough and sharp enough to hit back quickly, and that’s pretty much the only way to effectively combat right-wing “narratives” on this bullshit.


Must be pretty aggravating to see that just replying with Venezuela every time socialism is brought up just doesn’t appear to be working this time around.


I’ve seen them use France as a reason that socialism doesn’t work in the last few days. France!?



What the actual shit


State of centrists then all rushing to Twitter to defend Tillerson


yeah he’s a piece of shit but this is still great posting from DT


Aye, he can be properly (unintentionally) hilarious at times.


Everyone’s cried wolf so many times i know but the news this morning seems different



wow, this is quite…something

within 7 minutes, liberal pundits discuss how obama used to say bush sr was his favourite president for foreign policy and dismiss iran-contra as “a mistake”.


The replies to this are full of foaming at the mouth nutjobs exclaiming ‘How DARE you, we hate her because she is bad and stupid!!!’. These people are fucking obsessed with her


‘No, it’s because she doesn’t understand basic economics!’ I snarl, in a country decimated by the colossal incompetence of a handful of banks, and just handed about 50 billion dollars to their armed forces for no reason whatsoever.


Same vein as gamergate It’S aBoUT eThICs In ViDeO gAmE jOuRnALiSm! isn’t it


ShE DoeSnT KnOw ThE THreE BrAnCHes oF GoVernMEnt



Genuinely baffled by this one.