Trump 2018 - Road to Midterms/Nuclear War




This is quite literally “my dick is bigger than yours and I’m not even impotent!”

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This reads way too coherently and non-wint-y to have been written by the man himself. We surely are entering the end game if the generals are having to do his tweets as well.



I sometimes have to remind myself that we aren’t even at the undignified stage of this whole thing yet.

When this all collapses it’s going to be quite something.




“…after I had already won the nomination by defeating seventeen candidates, often described as the most talented field ever assembled in the Republican party”



Quite a coup for the MDCMAs to get Donald Trump to announce the winners for 2017.


dis gon be etc


lmao owned by your own logic Drumpf take that, Sir.



I am really looking forward to this, genuinely wanna know who wins what.


The whole article summarising the book is fucking mad

‘Trump, in fact, found the White House to be vexing and even a little scary. He retreated to his own bedroom — the first time since the Kennedy White House that a presidential couple had maintained separate rooms. In the first days, he ordered two television screens in addition to the one already there, and a lock on the door, precipitating a brief standoff with the Secret Service, who insisted they have access to the room. He ­reprimanded the housekeeping staff for picking up his shirt from the floor: “If my shirt is on the floor, it’s because I want it on the floor.” Then he imposed a set of new rules: Nobody touch anything, especially not his toothbrush. (He had a longtime fear of being poisoned, one reason why he liked to eat at McDonald’s — nobody knew he was coming and the food was safely premade.) Also, he would let housekeeping know when he wanted his sheets done, and he would strip his own bed.’


It was fairly obvious for a while before the election he didn’t intend to win. He was going to go straight into right wing talk shows and bitch about the deep state and Hillary, absolutely cream it for the rest of his life. All he wants to do is complain, gossip and yell at people, it would have been the perfect job for him. Remember how sick he looked the day after? When it began to sink in that he was actually going to have to do an incredibly stressful job he was completely unqualified for? Very reminiscent of how Johnson looked the day after the referendum.

Just one dimension to what a circus fire the whole thing was and is.


The one thing that has cheered my up when I have had to think about Trump over the last year or so, is the thought that he’s probably miserable doing what he’s doing. As of today I’m upgrading probably to definitely, and myself to cheery.


A few selected betting offers for you, care of Paddy Power.

Trump to be impeached before the end of 2018: 5/4
Trump to resign during 1st term: 2/1
Trump to not be president by the end of 2018: 5/4
Trump to officially suspend the 1st amendment: 40/1
Trump to withdraw the US from the UN: 7/1
Trump to reference a country that doesn’t exist in 2018: 10/1 (very tempting)


The last two of those seem very plausible.

He will also declare war at some point. Almost certainly on Iran and hopefully not North Korea.


That’s worth a fiver.


I think that a war against Iran would be more catastrophic than one against North Korea, personally.