Trump 2018 - Road to Midterms/Nuclear War


i’m a bit uneasy with the ‘liberals always side with fascists’ thing myself cause when those sorts of formulations come the other way like ‘revolution always leads to authoritarianism’ or whatever, i’m usually thinking “just give us another bash plz. will do better this time”. like there’s not been enough history to make that final decision yet imo. liberalism has had quite a few more chances though tbf.

but pretty happy saying the state under capitalism will swing right when put under duress. would like to see any example otherwise. and the nature of capitalism is that duress will come along every couple decades. (generous)

and as always we’re under time pressure to not let that happen because WE HAVE A GENERATION TO STOP CLIMATE CHANGE FROM MAKING THE EARTH AN UNLIVABLE HUSK.


Maybe for you liberal means white middle class people but I think that just betrays your baggage, for want of a better way of putting it.

Surely equality is a key tenet of liberalism?

Ach I dunno why I’m bothering, labels are unhelpful.


in summation - communism now


no, no, we aren’t going down the route of pathologizing political arguments. i should be on board, since to let you do so would in a sense support my point, but i cba.

equality for the right kinds of people saying the right kinds of things, sure. as soon as they start attacking, say, imperialist wars, or demanding economic redistribution, threatening the order that sustains and supports both the centre and the right, they usually end up in trouble or something worse.


Ahm oot.


good for you.


It is. It really is.



happy to return to this if/when you’re ready to engage again.


Well we’re not going to get anywhere are we? I mean, it will achieve literally zero.


almost every argument ever had on the internet has literally achieved nothing though. doesn’t mean we can’t still argue. i’ve enjoyed this exchange tbh.


Some of you lads really need to cut down on the doobies.


This is good, on the Democrats’ back-sliding


omg i knew reality felt skewed and now i know why





It wasn’t an enjoyable read.

Mainly it made me think how completely fucked the English language is for these sorts of discussions, words like ‘liberal’ now basically meaning reactionaries and I guess also the interesting notion of the word fascism being only 100 years old yet still sort of feeling like it’s too easy to interpret to the advantage of the right, for that matter. Like we need a new term that is clear and negative.


New words

Fascists - cunts
Liberals - cunt enablers
Centrists- cunt defenders


Does nobody say ‘progressive’ anymore? Seemed like a decent word, different from liberal/neoliberal, frames opponents as reactionaries by default


Thid video’s bloody great fun…


hmm. beyond the indictments, there’s still very little of actual substance here. even mueller is saying the activity probably didn’t affect the election.