Trump 2018 - Road to Midterms/Nuclear War


Genuinely fascinated to see where mueller’s going to get to.

Got a nasty feeling it’ll just be a whole lot of nothing though


i don’t care for how a side goal of all this seems to be trying to smear BLM and other activist groups by implying they’re KGB marks or something. very dodgy but completely unsurprising tbh. i think too many people are looking at this as an excuse to absolve the democrats and blame russia for all the discord in american society.

edit: i’m not saying russia didn’t do something dodgy, ofc it should be investigated.


i just reckon there’s so much dodgy shit going on everywhere all the time that he’s going to turn up some serious stuff just by virtue of being given the chance to investigate it.


There’s absolutely no way Manafort’s not going to prison, unless he sucessfully defects or gives up bigger fish. Also think it’s highly unlikely Trump’s financial murk won’t catch up with him.


yeah, there are many fascinating levels to all this. i’m interested in how this new red scare is affecting the american political culture, it’s another layer of paranoia on top of everything else post november 16. i’ve no doubt that if russia have been intimately involved with american politicians, it’ll be corruption across party lines. i think the most likely outcome is some kind of fraud/money laundering/dodgy property deals being exposed. if/when the feds start following the cash in earnest i think we’ll see a bipartisan push to close down the investigation.




speaking of manafort, they’ve just collared his bestie:


yeah, was reading the intercept, i think, talking about how the discussion of foreign money going to trump gets shut down by the democrat establishment when it’s not from russia.

i dont know if russia specifically would have put big money into the dems (maybe that’s why they feel they have reign to push so hard?), but there are a heap of countries that i’m sure are doing it, in equally dodgy ways…


last year the mueller crew inadvertently exposed israeli collusion with the trump admin pre-inauguration, and it was pretty remarkable how nobody covered it.


The Luke Harding Collusion book’s good. Some chapters more than others. The best bit of the book’s about Manafort’s time in Ukraine around a big election (2010 maybe). He’s absolutely the most important person in the whole thing. Some of the others - Carter Page, Flynn, etc - not sure there’s a huge amount beyond the fluff.


that’s been on my to-do list for ages, thanks for reminding me.


i’ve not read that and can’t talk with any knowledge about it, but i didn’t think he defended his premise very well in this interview i saw.


Semi-regular reminder that the most powerful individual in the world is a sitcom dad from the 80s.


that last sentence.


Amazing. The “wait, are you saying I only won because the other side was shit?” penny dropping moment.


That follows on from Trump being advised that no, he shouldn’t play golf this weekend as it would look bad so soon after the shooting in Florida.




Conflicted about Sam Neill. On the one hand, he’s one of the worst actors going in terms of taking massive bags of cash to appear in awful shite. On the other, the presence of him and his pigs on social media are a consistent joy.


Let’s just say that FIFA hagiography moved him…TO A BIGGER HOUSE