Trump 2018 - Road to Midterms/Nuclear War




he’s alright int he


This is interesting


“…they were so obviously fake. People working there had no literary interest or abilities. These were mechanical texts. It was a colossal labor of monkeys, it was pointless. For Russian audiences, at least. But for Americans, it appears it did work.”



I read a good article about this over the weekend, from the Guardian in 2015. Find it absolutely fascinating.

Really think it’s weird how much denial lots of apparently bright people are in about the scale of this stuff. Noticed quite a lot of people in real life and online sort of glaze over as soon as Russia gets mentioned, like it’s complete fantasy, or that believing this sort of thing’s happening on unprecedented levels means you’re automatically ignorant of other issues.

I use Twitter and if i had to make a crude guess i’d say that at least 10% of the accounts i encounter are clearly bots. Not just spammers, but politically right spammers or algorithms. They’ve got 330m users.

One thing i’m to some degree unsure of, mind, is why they’d need ‘factories’ and to be paying hundreds of real people to carry out the work quite basic software could. Registering accounts, generating random posts and flooding threads with rightwing word salad’s surely something that could be automated for a fraction of the cost?


We are through the looking glass




very good debate between serious people on either side of trump russia argument.


would love to get silly drunk with jeremy scahill and chat about serbia, blackwater, syria, trump…he’s pretty Good imo.


yeah, enjoy how sassy he can get.


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the lies are getting more and more outlandish every day :anguished:


Iannucci interviewing Michael Wolff about Fire & Fury here:


Old-school Republicans were thin on the ground, usurped by a crowd that included young and sometimes rowdy students.

are old school republicans the ones who did iraq, or nicaragua, or iran-contra, or rained fire on cambodian children, or…?

media still, still failing to grasp that trump has only made explicit what was always implicit in the GOP. moderate republicans haven’t existed for at least a hundred years. the party and the base are a shitshow of racist freaks, sexual psychotics, and christian fascists. they are and always were latent nazis who were looking for someone like trump to give them an excuse to rip off a mask of civility that never fit them very well to begin with.


You’d think watching Rubio getting schooled this week would remind the press that a President Rubio or Jeb Bush or Ted Cruz would have done at least 90% of the things the Trump administration has done so far


:musical_note: And they’re voting right for the worst thing ever… :musical_note:


Quite a good pamphlet to be fair, though advocating succession for a state must be in conflict with various other constitutional commitments.


I’m not sure about this guy… let’s see… WAIT there it is: smokin’ hot wife! Well, he gets my vote.


6’ 3" of republican meat baby, mainline that shit into my veins.


He gets a free pass for Event Horizon and Hunt for the Wilderpeople.