Trump 2018 - Road to Midterms/Nuclear War


Decided to Google Matt Schaefer, this came up:

Most of the Republicans elected in the tea party wave of 2012 have evolved since their freshman session. And then there’s Matt Schaefer. In theory, he represents Tyler, but any claims to that effect are hard to reconcile with his record. None of the bills he authored this year made it to the House floor. He was one of nineteen Republicans who voted for Scott Turner as speaker, and one of only five who voted against the House’s budget when it came to the floor. The Texans he really represents are the ones who wield the far-right scorecards.

Schaefer’s nadir came when the House took up a sunset bill proposing changes to the Department of State Health Services. This apparently struck him as an optimal moment to overhaul Texas’s abortion laws by tacking amendments onto the boring bill that the grown-ups were talking about. One of the ideas concerned the twenty-week ban passed in 2013, which includes an exemption for cases in which, as a result of a severe fetal abnormality, a baby has no chance of surviving. Schaefer, despite having voted for the original bill in 2013, called on his colleagues to repeal this loophole. What followed was perhaps the worst display of witless blather in a year bursting with competition. Bellowing at the front and back mikes, Schaefer brushed away all objections, explaining that pain and suffering were bound to be part of life since sin entered the world.

It’s a miracle that anything constructive actually gets done in some places.


A Texas “soccer” team would struggle to beat San Marino.


Worth noting that the Democrat lead in the House polling is back up to ten points, having dropped to as low as five a few weeks ago. I think this suggests we shouldn’t read too much into the polling until late summer at least. Or that American voters are especially bad at making up their minds.


Out of all the thousands of lies and exaggerations Trump makes, the ‘i would run unarmed into a school with a shooter’ is simply the most ridiculous. A new low, even for him.


I would run unarmed into a school unless there were steps.


Wait… what? I don’t understand the context here. He’s saying he would personally run into a school, unarmed, to stop a shooter??


Ugh, just seen it now. An absolute fucking powerclown of a boy :exploding_head:


He probably honestly believes it, though. That’s the worst part.


He said that he would, yes. His spokesperson then said that he meant that he would provide leadership instead.


I can’t get my head around that story. Is he trying to big up the Marines? You just wouldn’t think him admitting he’d have let a guy bleed out on the floor would go down very well during a presidential campaign. Maybe this dates back quite a bit?

I say nothing surprises me anymore then I read things like this and think “ACTUALLY?”


Yep. Exactly.


The interview dates from 2008:


He’s generally saying the guy who fell over is a LOSER, and he, who didn’t fall over, is very definitely NOT A LOSER.


It’s an old people story that doesn’t go anywhere.


He’s pulled a Marky Mark. Which was embarassing when a dim hollywood action star did it.


I agree, that this is right up there with the most appalling and plainly untrue things he has ever said but in my view, it doesn’t quite top ‘people talk about climate change, but the polar icecaps are setting records in how large they are getting’ which is plainly not true, nobody ever would have told him that or even said anything which he could possibly have misunderstood to mean that.

Because one is just bullshit, the other one threatens the future of humanity.


personally I’m on both the side of gun control activists and john McCain’s brain tumour.


I didn’t even hear about that. Speaks volumes that so much shit comes out of his mouth that it is impossible to keep up.


This seems to be the strategy, he says and does so much that would sink anyone else that it’s impossible to know what to focus on. If it was anyone else, they’d be remembered as ‘the one who thought the polar ice caps were getting bigger’, but for this moron it’s just Tuesday.


You’ve got to give him credit though, he does manage to take something that is already moronic and take it to an extra level of stupid.

This week, he wonders whether we should be blaming video games and films for the level of school shootings that are happening and he says, ‘these films are so violent, so maybe we should be looking at that - maybe there should be some kind of ratings system for them?’