Trump 2018 - Road to Midterms/Nuclear War


Poor Donald’s having one of his capital letters days. Must be something going on with Mueller.


Love the capital letter days.


He’s usually so transparent that you can trace the exact reason for it.


Anyone know much about this guy?



Triangulation and drifting rightwards again - like the US equivalent of the awful Blue Labour types.

I know this is just a local election, and so you have to work with the constituency you’ve got, but if the Democrats think that this kind of candidate offers the best path to the White House, they’re wrong. The Democrats should not be targeting the 26% who are Trump supporters, imho, and should be going for the 40%-odd who don’t or didn’t vote at all.


I can’t get past the haircut.


Just feel like this should absolutely be documented in this thread, because it’s such an important, erudite tweet. Really what twitter was designed for as a format.


Ladies and gentlemen, the President of the United States. Sometimes you have to say that to yourself just to remind you that this is the most powerful man in the world, not your senile old grandad.



a bit more…

clear why he was…

crying now, i guess…


Now we know how people who lived under Reagan felt


just…just stop, hill. you’re not helping. go have a sit down.


Hope Hicks is out then


Pints are on me if Scarramucci’s back in.


This is… good?.. I think?..


Ruffalo is Just and Good folks


Now for liberals to decide this is actually Trump disarming the hash tag resistance and marching for the NRA with pink AR15s in 3…2…1…


What are you talking about? This reads like a reply to Trump tweet from someone called MAGA BABE 4 TRUMP 2020


i think it just shows that he has no fucking idea what his morals or principles are and just blurts out anything that comes into his head, tbh


What will it mean for the discourse when Big D does more to pass gun control than Obama ever did? Who will be madder, liberals or chuds?


Republicans, obviously. The same party who blocked Obama when he tried to push change, it’s not like he never did anything, he was actively prevented by the GOP who would oppose everything based on the the party presenting it rather than the merits of the bill itself.