Trump 2018 - Road to Midterms/Nuclear War


Dunno. This one seems quite happy.

All the others are probably furious.


Yeah but she’s basically a republican anyway tbh.




sorry, i didn’t realise she was the same famously progressive, anti-gun dianne feinstein who insisted the confederate flag be raised outside the well-known confederate stronghold of uh the san francisco civic centre one day after a KKK hit squad was acquitted for murdering civil rights activists. sorry.


quite pleasant to imagine Donald Trump saying and doing something good.


I know nothing about her, she just popped on Twitter, but that was some sweet googling my friend.

So it’s not her you’re talking about its the REAL liberals but they’re not actually REAL liberals because they’re furious that trump might do some good and steal their thunder or something.


mate i don’t even need google i was unemployed for 9 months during the height of this “trump is the new hitler shit” and did all my googling then so the joke’s on you.


:grinning: ok you win.


There was a massive planning session for preventative action against North Korea earlier this week.


Some might argue, far too much.


actually laughed out loud when i saw it



The US are going to attack. It’s just a matter of when.


Looks like they’re going to warm up for the shooting war with North Korea / Iran by having a trade war with pretty much everyone


North korea? No chance. Impossible to do without seeing seoul pretty much wiped out by artillery. Think this is literally the only reason it hasnt happened already.


Logically they should not do it. But it will be the best distraction ever.

I sincerely hope that I am wrong but…


If they really wanted a distraction that they think they can justify, it would be iran. But after afghan and iraq, the army chiefs (well, most of them) would take a lot of convincing.


Doubt there’s a war on the immediate horizon (beyond the ones they’re already involved in by proxy or are turning a blind eye to to not upset the Saudis). Think it’s much more likely there will be a change in the public stance on the Russia stuff from “There was no collusion” to “Is collusion that big a problem now that i’ve created all these jobs, fixed the economy and solved the gun problem” (cough).


dunno why i hadn’t noticed it until i saw this picture but… is he incredibly bald with an absolutely ridiculous comb-over?


Um, yes?