Trump 2018 - Road to Midterms/Nuclear War


Struggling to find an appropriate reaction gif for this “revelation”.


Yeah I can’t deny that it’s mad for me to have not noticed before


I’ll never understand why he didn’t get one of those new hi tech hair pieces fitted. A dude at work said he wore one the other day, it blew my mind, his hair looks full on real.

Maybe I’ll start a campaign for Big D.


haha what the hell are these things then?

this is now in danger of becoming even more wig-y than the average football thread


Think Karl Pilkington had one fitted for a show, first time I’ve ever seen him smile. They look super real.


The guy I work with got his as a gift from his missus for his 40th :blush:, I had no idea until he told me. Remarkable artistry.


There’s obviously something fishy going on but I could never work out exactly what it is because he’s got all this hair sort of scooped round and none of it seems to be attached.

Then last week I saw Bill Bailey who is completely bald on top and very long down the back. He pulled the back forward to his forehead and voila! The Trump. He must look an absolute state in the mornings.

I suppose he’s long since passed the ‘actually, I’ve always wanted a number one cut’ stage, that ship has sailed so he’s sort of committed to this.


Them Azov boys gonna be sittin right purty I reckon


This probably isn’t a great strategy, and Azov are undoubtedly a concerning development in post-Maidan Ukraine, but A) they’re not the entire Ukrainian defence force, there are lots of other military and volunteer forces, including Chechan and Islamic Battalions B) this is a very complex situation where the other eventuality is the aggressive invasion of sovereign territory


Yep need to stop this.

Islamist fighters being supplied weapons by the USA can’t happen

It’s never happened anywhere else



agreed, this is an absolutely terrible idea and the US would be best off not going ahead with this at all. the range of far-right wacko groups, as you say, goes way beyond azov. doesn’t help that the ukraine government are the worst possible combination of desperate and corrupt. won’t be long before the US upscales the shipments, especially if hairpiece feels the need to create proof he isn’t a putin stan.


Cool. Unfortunately what you’re proposing here is the invasion of Donbass and god knows what other territory


idk what the solution is tbh, i’m just saying i don’t think the US empowering the worst elements in ukraine is going to end well. it hasn’t anywhere else.


I don’t disagree with you re: the tanks. But without help from the international community, preferably as heavy sanctions as possible, and unfortunately some nasty volunteer battalions, that’s the reality of what will happen to Ukraine.

Also think characterising the entire Ukrainian defence force as neo-nazi is reductive and a little problematic


The Donald here, endorsing the idea of the U.S. becoming a dictatorship:


those elements are there, on the front lines and in the government, and while i’m not saying everybody fighting the russians over there is a nazi, i am saying those weapons will fall into the worst people’s hands, because it happens every single time america tries this. the nastiest elements overpower the moderates and either kill or co-opt them and then nick the artillery. syria, iraq, libya etc.

putin doesn’t seem to give a shit about sanctions or the effect they have on the average russian, tbh, so like i say idk what the solution is but i don’t think escalation and provocation are very smart atm.


plus the US army doesn’t seem to be aware of the more moderate elements, since most of the photos and documents show they are working largely with azov and other far-right groups and bypassing more liberal-minded factions.



Yeah, if it’s the same as a friend had you can shower in it and stuff. It is very firmly glued. He really liked his. Was a good confidence boost for him in certain situations and was so realistic I had to double take the first time he wore it before I could latch onto why he was looking different.


I’m going to be picky here but when you say ‘The Donald’ I assume you just mean Trump?

“The Donald” is the name for the Reddit MAGA pro-Trump group online so it’s best to just reserve that term for that little hive of scum and villainy, else it gets confusing.