Trump 2018 - Road to Midterms/Nuclear War


He’ll say either

“I wish I had a haircut like yours, hur hur, do they all have haircuts like that in Korea?”


“Geez you’re a little guy, hur hur, do they grow you all that small in Korea?”


Will probably call him rocket man at some point too


Probably get the White House brass band to play Rocket Man as Kim arrives, but due to an internal mixup they play Hakuna Matata instead


The meeting will be fine. It’s just that as soon as it is over and they go home, they’ll each declare that they have ‘won’ and start talking bollocks.


Think this sums it up (assuming it happens). It’ll be a photo op on the day, a brief closed-doors meeting, then the bollocks begins once they’re back in their own manors


When this popped up on the phone this morning my initial thoughts were “holy shit, maybe we won’t all die in a blaze of nuclear manspreading after all!”

But as the day’s gone on I’ve slowly switched to thinking if this does go badly it’ll be a real disaster, but more importantly it sets a precedent to say if you want the US to not invade you and agree to a chat then best get to work on that nuclear programme. Figure it’s going to be watched pretty closely by a lot of countries that don’t feel particularly comfortable with US imperialism.


I mean, that precedent has already been categorically set. Of the Axis of Evil, who had a nuclear program, who didn’t have a nuclear program, who had a nuclear program but agreed to scale it down, and what is happening with each?


Fair point. I suppose this is just the final confirmation that the only way to be ‘safe’ once the US identifies you as an enemy is to double down and go all out for actual WMDs.


Averaging 240k new jobs a month’s pretty impressive, no?


I think it’s slightly below par for the past 6 years.


I’ll have a cup of Good, please, and make it a large


I for one cannot imagine anything the police might do in response to a small business owner like that.


I’d heard about Felix Sater as being a pretty dodgy fuck with mafia ties who has been viewed as a big deal in the whole Trump thing, so the fact that he’s apparently been working as a CIA informant for 20 years is pretty much the only thing that could have surprised me about him.

I want you to understand: If you’re caught, the USA is going to disavow you and, at best, you get a bullet in the head.




Straight after he made a statement agreeing Russia was almost certainly behind the nerve agent attack in the UK? Why that’s not suspicious at all!


Ah, apparently he was told he was gone on Friday and spoke out on Russia because he was fired rather than vice versa.


That’s what you get for not hailing to the chimp.


Important to remember that the White House is most definitely not in chaos.


This may be because there’s a lot more fascination with this administration than previous ones, but is it unprecedented the turnover of senior staff under Trump? It seems like every week someone else is leaving.

At least those he is related to still have jobs though so that’s… good? Wonder how Jared Kushner is getting on with fixing the Middle East.


Not really. It’s only slightly higher than Clinton and Dubya (mid-30%'s) but considerably higher than Obama and Bush Snr (mid-20%'s).

The article i read this in is about three weeks old, though. At least four people have gone since then, when it was 43%.