Trump 2018 - Road to Midterms/Nuclear War


he did that about 2 months ago…


Only way Trump gets impeached would be if the Republicans suffer huge losses in the midterms and the party starts to worry he’s dragging them down with him. As such he either goes in 2019 or he makes it to standing for re-election. Definitely can’t see him going this year either way.


My nuclear button is bigger than your nuclear button, sing it!


And we’re all going straight to Hell…


totally got this stuck in my head now


Surprise no one has mentioned Bannon’s heel turn


I find it telling that Olbermann liberals say he never wanted to win (which is probably true) but that he also schemed and played 6D chess for ten years with Putin and the KGB to thwart Hillary’s coronation.


It’s not been clear in articles I’ve read - has Bannon said these things recently, or were these behind-the-scenes comments while he was in the White House?


These were comments made to Michael Wolff back in 2015/2016 as part of the research he was doing for a book.

Bannon hasn’t denied them though


Ah, okay. I thought if he’d just said them now then it might be indicative of him turning fire on Trump, which could have been interesting.

Behind the scenes I imagine he’s always held a dim view of the Trump family.


I actually wonder if he doesn’t to some degree have a dim view of Trump, Bannon is fiercely ideological whereas Trump is essentially a demagogue it just seems like their aims at least temporarily appeared to be aligned but I’m actually surprised they didn’t fall out sooner.


I probably shouldn’t overestimate people, but it seems basically impossible to me that someone could spend any time with Trump and come away impressed by him.


Bannon and co have always regarded Trump as a useful idiot who they could control. Unfortunately for them Trump is an egomaniacal child that they have made the most important man in America and is now ungovernable.

Trump literally acts on the last thing he’s told, whether it be by Fox News when he can’t sleep or some caddie at Mar A Lago. Bannon is miffed because Trump no longer takes his calls.


I was surprised at how engaging and charming Bannon is, or at least can be, in an interview with him i watched last night.

I’m sure he’s a total psychopath and i don’t agree with him on virtually anything, but he was nowhere near the blubbering mess/batshit walking ulcer i expected him to be.



Literally don’t think anyone has ever said both those things seriously…


re: that article posted above, was in stitches at the bit where Murdoch hangs up thinking ‘what a fucking idiot’


All this Wolff stuff is interesting but tbh it just makes the Democrats look even worse, which is far, far funnier. All their focus group analytics and targeting strategies couldn’t beat a giant baby who didn’t even want to win :joy:


I think they make Trump look worse.


Do you actually want the Democrats to win in 2018/2020? Don’t make me trot out the ‘it’s a two party system!’ Simpsons clip.