Trump 2018 - Road to Midterms/Nuclear War


At least once every day i think about Scarramucci’s White House gig and laugh out loud.


Mike Pompeo as secretary of state :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing:


Nicola Murray: You said yourself if he sacks me after a week that looks like HE’s fucked up.

Malcolm Tucker: Yeah, but that was before; When your only problem was a fucking shit pun in a newspaper and a face like Dot Cotton licking piss off a nettle.


Was absolutely brilliant. Like the most reckless term in office imaginable, but watched on x30 speed on your Sky box.


11 glorious days in which he missed the birth of his child



Seems bizarre to consider an incompetent oil executive a safer choice, but this is really, really bad. Expect war with Iran before the decade is out.


You expect him to last two years? I’ll be surprised if the planet lasts two years.


I’m surprised the planet has lasted this long, tbh


oh and the new CIA director ran a torture site under Bush





The Republicans have possibly managed to lose a House special election in Pennsylvania, in an area Trump won by 20 points. Doh!





what’s even the point in having a president tbh




Soul nourishing video


So Chapo Trap joked about this happening and we all laughed because it’s so insane, but, ummm…


Surely this won’t be necessary given the progress they’re making with jobs and affordable healthcare, two of the biggest factors in the sharp increase in opioid consumption… (cough).