Trump 2018 - Road to Midterms/Nuclear War


The Duterte approach. Nice.


I’m off to phone bank this afternoon, it’s Primary day on Tuesday!

Illinois has a whole load of seats up for grabs. Governor, House, State House, State Senate, Judges, and a whole bunch of smaller state and city gov positions.

The scrap for the right to face off against evil Governor Bruce Rauner has been utterly undignified. The Democrat’s have three front-runners: Chris Kennedy (a Kennedy), JB Pritzker (a billionaire tax dodger/philanthropist) and Daniel Biss (a recent convert to the progressive cause, fairly experienced legislator). Biss is clearly the best in terms of experience and being a decent human. Sadly JB has drowned out the competition by chucking $65m (ten times his opponents put together) and counting into his campaign/WAR CHEST - remember if he wins he faces another battle with Rauner. Expect him to be chucking $100m at this. Rauner will be doing similar. Tbf some of the attack ads are hillarious.

There’s a whole load of progressive judges on the ballot and several Red Democrats are finally being primaried. The pick of the bunch is probably Marie Newman v Dan Lipinski, Newman is pretty decent on the issues… Lipinski is decidedly not. It’s neck and neck and his receipts show that he’s flown $36k worth of phone bankers in the weekend - ooft.

There’s a couple of excellent judges who are committed to bail reform who have every chance of getting over the line. Charlie Beech, in particular, is a lovely guy.

I’m sure there are plenty of other races some of you lot have spotted which will also show us whether the Democrats have learned anything this last couple of years. I’m optimistic.


amazing tweet from (former CIA director) John Brennan, who isn’t known for this kind of thing


That is how you use the extended 280-character limit.


that’s your lad who decided that any male over the age of 15 was an enemy combatant and was ok to kill with a drone strike without evidence, huh.



It’s amazing that Trump is managing to (a) piss off even these morally-bankrupt people and (b) make them look like bastions of humanity in comparison


Exactly. Every establishment conservative that rails against Trump’s lack of moral fibre and dignity has had their hand in creating the political climate that allowed him to come to power, and creating the tools that he now wields uninhibited. Comey, Brennan, Tillerson, these are all people that got the American public used to the idea of treating brown people as dangerous animals and the environment as something we have a duty to rape.

None of them should be allowed to wash their hands of it with a couple of pompous tweets that sends the #Resistance into raptures.



Could you expand on this in the case of Comey, or point me to some good reading material on any dirt on him?


He worked tirelessly to expand surveillance powers, and mostly used those disturbingly wide-reaching powers to bait mentally ill people into saying they intended to join ISIS and then banging them up for good. Meanwhile proven to be incompetent at stopping actual terrorist atrocities. Very typical spook stuff. Here’s a decent primer:


Also, he’s half the reason Trump got elected what with his bone-headed intervention just before the election.


Wonder what’s on the way tomorrow…


Does anyone still have those moments when it dawns on them that this is actually the President of the United States tweeting all of this nonsense and not your racist grandad with dementia, or are we all numb to it now?


I’m mainly waiting for one of the following:

  1. “Sensible” Republicans doing something useful
  2. Republicans get wiped out in the mid-terms, including flipping senate seats in Mississippi and Arizona, and everyone gets on-board an impeachment train that somehow takes out Mike Pence in the process
  3. Fiery death all round


I just see it as another arsehole/nitwit is US President. The only difference this time is this arsehole/nitwit tweets. It’d be nice if they stopped electing arseholes/nitwits at least once a generation though.


‘Well, sir, you’re actually right. We have no deficit but that doesn’t include energy and timber … And when you do, we lose $17bn a year.’

That’s pretty weird in itself. Why doesn’t the article even address that. I mean I presume there’s a reason these things don’t actually get counted when looking at trade deficits? Or that this is also just bare-faced lies from Trump?


I reckon the Dubya years were worse, TBH.

I mean yeah, everyone seems to be happy to decide Bush wasn’t that bad but I’m not exactly convinced. I guess if you’re a conservative there’s a difference there but from the progressive side he is just as awful. In some ways it feels like Trump is better because whether or not Dubya was pretending to be an idiot or actually was an idiot, he had a team behind him making decisions who definitely weren’t fools and definitely were evil bastards from his dad’s regime. Trump,while an embarrassing mess, at least seems to be pretty much out on his own and thus unable to actually enact anything much?


At the moment, Bush Jr was certainly worse on an international scale, but I guess we’ll see what happens once this bunch of twats has settled on which war they want. The only way out anyway is midterms and then finding a decent Democrat candidate for 2020, you’d have to be insane to expect any Republicans to improve the situation.


Hurricane Katrina response says Dubya was as bad on a national scale, no?


The response in Puerto Rico was pretty terrible too tbh