Trump 2018 - Road to Midterms/Nuclear War


Shitting hell, i’m howling.

Listen to the words and watch the rabbit.


starting to feel like things must have always been this stupid and weird and I just never paid any attention because the guy at the top had better oratory skills.


that expression on the rabbit is hilarious though! Why did they think it was a good idea to have it look like incredulous shock at all times?


Can just imagine the bunny standing there thinking “Seriously? Oh Christ, not this shit again!”


Genuinely one of the things that’s come out of this is how pointless the role of president is. Should either make him president-for-life or abolish the position entirely imo.


So fatigued by it all now. So very, very tired.


I know - we’ve already DONE the Trump being terrible next to the Easter Bunny thing.




Someone bumped this old video into my feed from when Obama was running against McCain and holy shit, Obama really was excellent at grasping stuff and putting it out there

(The video’s title is a bit much, TBF.)


the uploader is the real idiot here, as everyone knows this is joe the plumber


Absolute night and day isn’t it? Imagine how Trump would deal with something like that.

"We’re doing very, very well with taxes, some say the best we’ve ever done, the best this great country has ever done and we’re gonna make sure it stays that way." as he’s walking away and waving at cameras.


Wasn’t this guy a Republican plant?


looks pretty human to me!


Satan Thread (rolling)

This “some people are saying” bullshit is really starting to piss me off as it’s so blatantly not true, like when “some people are saying” that the polar icecaps are actually getting bigger. Only complete fucking idiots, mate.

I wish someone would take his public statements and just highlight the ones that are provably false, because so many of them are.


Yeah, it’s giving me the absolute blood boiling rage too. He is clearly the world’s worst liar and the majority of people see it immediately, but you know there’ll be morons just lapping it up. It’ll be working for him where he needs it to.


They do, all the time. Doing that was about 70% of Clinton’s platform. The people who vote for him don’t care. They have a deep, emotional connection to him, and seek out the media outlets that will affirm that for them.


There are several journalists keeping running lists:


Always worth doing stuff to motivate the people who hate Tump though to vote in November (and again in 2020). Obviously that shouldn’t be all you do though as you mention with the Clinton campaign. And the media aren’t too fussed I guess as this is all a big game to them.