Trump 2018 - Road to Midterms/Nuclear War


I would go so far as to say, mostly ignore whatever he’s got to say. He has dementia and it’s garbage, treat it as such. Hammer home what it is you intend to do for a sick, impoverished, increasingly divided nation, again and again instead. If nothing else you’ll be denying Trump you talking about him, which is all he’s ever wanted.


Fair point, certainly 2016 and last year’s election here made clear that you can’t make ‘don’t vote for X because…’ as your main platform, you need to give people reasons to vote for you. As has been mentioned a billion times, Trump didn’t increase the share of the Republican vote at all overall, the Democrat share of the vote slumped instead.


better candidates can’t hurt either, I suppose


Fewer votes than both candidates who lost to Obama, right?


More votes, but lower percentage than Romney got and barely higher percentage than McCain got


is this just the republican side of the equation?


Wow. That makes 10 years ago look like another planet.

Fair play to Obama for having the patience to spell it out. Marginal taxation is one of the most frustratingly abused concepts when it comes to rich and aware politicians taking advantage of poorer and less tax-savvy citizens. A very frequent and insidious tactic.

“OMG. Taxes will go up to xx%! It’s not worth trying for a pay rise of they’re just gonna take it all away from you!”
“Only on the extra bit of wages earned above a very reasonable amount on which there will be no change.”

That second sentence never seems to properly land. :triumph:





I’d like to think so but everytime I think things are gonna kick off, they never do.

Mon the feds.


They gradually tick up a notch every time, tbf. It must take a heck of a lot of work to put together a case that involves so many high-level individuals… *fingers crossed*


Yeah I remember thinking this as a teenager until I actually started paying tax and realised what it really meant. Like people complaining about the top tax bracket; only for any income over £150,000, you’re doing absolutely fucking fine mate!


i dunno…i think if this fbi raid snowballs, it’s almost a certainty he’s going to start something really bad in syria. he took note of the good press he got last april with the missile strike.


is this cause the lawyer claimed he paid off that lady with his own money when he OBVIOUSLY DIDN’T then?


he tried paying her off in “trumpy bucks” and that’s when the FBI twigged the lawyer may be just a puppet.


a van full of low grade steaks


Is this why he’s announced he’s going to retaliate in Syria and that he wants France and the UK to join him?


95% yes. The other 5% is John Bolton.


spot on imo. clinton did the same thing only to sudan during the lewinsky scandal.


I remember it well, such a well-worn tactic