Trump 2018 - Road to Midterms/Nuclear War


Thing I’ve found out this evening. Kellyanne Conway’s husband has a twitter account, and mostly retweets articles that talk about how shit DJT is:


yeah, so cynical (also, i just realised what a patronising wanker i came across as in that previous post, sorry for that).


The Comey book’s out next week…


No no I didn’t read it as condescending at all! No worries :slight_smile:


So I saw a few quotes from Trump talking about a whole load of different things (Mueller, Jeff Sessions recusing himself, Hillary’s emails), and assumed that it was in response to journalists’ questions. Nope, it’s a 3 minute …something. Repeats himself once or twice as well.


Fucking STATE of this, man.

An absolute powerclown.


Remind me again how many people actually voted for this ‘man’?


Oh, I’m having that one for future use. :grin:


can someone explain this Syria situation? lot of hints that someone else is behind the chemical attack. who? false flag?


can we please not use the phrase ‘false flag’

as one of his biggest backers it is in russia’s interests to deny that assad had any involvement with gassing his own people. i don’t think we should be giving it any credence here.


I’m just very confused though, I’m seeing credible people suggesting … i don’t know exactly what they are suggesting really


the line seems to be that it doesn’t make any sense for assad to do this right now, 24 hrs after trump says he’s leaving


yeah sorry my response is a bit harsh but ‘false flag’ is a right-wing conspiracy theorist term rather than a way of just saying ‘there might be more than meets the eye/this is confusing’ and it just irked me a bit. apologies.

i am by no means an expert on the subject and am also not suggesting that i agree with any kind of western military response but imo assad is not someone we should be giving the benefit of the doubt either.


i’ve seen a lot of people saying that, in the context of an extremely delicate geopolitical situation, we need to be as close to 100% sure it was Assad as possible. I agree with that but I think saying it was a false flag w/o evidence is just as irrational as automatically assuming it was Assad (altho it probably was). Considering the current moment and that this is a war of competing atrocities, I don’t think trying to understand and learn as much as possible about this is an unreasonable position tbh.


I’m probably only hearing it because I want to, but it sounds like he’s panicking there. Definitely a bit of a higher register to his voice.


yeah no problem with people questioning, it’s just the vagueness and the ‘it’s obvious what’s going on here!’ takes. what is it so


I said on here as soon as Mueller got close trump would start bombing NK. Seems that Syria has presented him with an open goal.


yeah, can’t abide that arrogant kind of “I know better than you” attitude.


He’s a bit snippy on the old Twitter this morning, isn’t he.


3…2…1…(big red button)