Trump 2018 - Road to Midterms/Nuclear War



Really didn’t think I’d see nuclear war in my lifetime. Nice knowing you all.


Clever. They can’t accuse you of being in cahoots with a nation while you’re both engaged in assured mutual destruction.

Well played Trump. 56 dimensional chess. Always 3 steps ahead.


The problem is the guy mumbling into his ear now isn’t a relatively competent military suit like McMasters, it’s John Bolton who genuinely wants WW3. Sets my teeth on edge


Told my manager about this and she went on a rant about her childhood in Italy was ruined by the continual threat of nuclear war. Said her and her family lived in a state of fear for most of the eighties. Cannot believe we might be returning to that state of affairs.


Nuclear obliteration. Finally. Can’t wait.


His random usage of capital letters absolutely creases me up in usual circumstances. Less so when loads of people are going to die.

It’s absolutely bizarre that anyone in a position of power would use a social media account to air their daily grievances. Like, i’ve worked at places with >10 employees where one of them would very quickly suggest the boss doing that’s not a good look and completely erodes any authority they might have.


gets pretty boring when any escalation involving America and co prompts “oh, here we go, Nuclear war!” Nuclear war Nuclear war, this time, Nuclear war!
There won’t be a Nuclear war ffs. I’ll put my life on it…


This does feel a little more dull than the nuclear war between North Korea and the US that happened a couple of months ago.


Are we as fucked now as we were when he was banging on about fire and fury towards North Korea? Because that was about a year ago.


“Nuclear war is an impossibility” the sensible people in the room scoff, watching a senile, McDonalds-addicted chimpanzee threaten Russia with missile strikes.


He had slightly more sensible people around him to talk him down then though.

He now has John Bolton.


I’m not sure ‘slightly more sensible’ is really a thing with Republicans, they’re all itching to blow shit up. And Trump only ever listens to himself anyway.


Maybe, but when people keep saying how fucked we all are on an almost weekly basis, you can’t blame people for shrugging their shoulders after a while. Also, ‘senile, McDonalds-addicted chimpanzee’ describes a fair few Presidents over the last 40 years


Trump listens to the last person he spoke to.


Don’t worry guys, he’s now tweeted to stop the arms race and how he wants to help the Russian economy. Phew.


Fair point, exhibit A:

Of course Bolton will talk to him next and it’ll be back to BOMBS AWAY SUCKERS!!!


So I can come out of the bunker?


We came frighteningly close to nuclear war under those as well. Just because it didn’t happen doesn’t mean it won’t happen.