Trump 2018 - Road to Midterms/Nuclear War


To be fair, i’m usually irritable as fuck when i first wake up but much more reasonable after i’ve had some breakfast.




Paul Ryan not running for reelection. Teeing up a presidential run or slinking off to the private sector? Could well see him as a greasy lobbyist tbh


meh, already spend all day worrying I’m dying anyway.


tugs shirt nervously


Think he’s getting out and sidling into industry/lobbying. I would, tbh.


Private sector / lobbying. He’s been too visibly linked to too many divisive issues to have a real shot at the presidency.

Or at least that would be the conventional wisdom, but post Trump, god knows if that still stands up, but it’s hard to see a backlash coming that has enough people say “what we really need now is a cynical bastard insider, who’s sold his soul to donors and lobbyists” for him to get in.


He was polling terribly in WIsconsin, think he’s decided to quit to save himself the ignominy of losing to what appears to be Randy Marsh from South Park.


who is suggesting this?

It’s 2018. Are people still not convinced that Assad is a mass murderer?


There is always a lot of talk about how things like this are a staged attack by the Rebels or white helmets etc. Like they get a load of kids clearly dying to pretend. It’s really disgusting and insulting


Yeah I think there’s some truth to the idea that the anti regime forces use propaganda a lot but this has also been wildly exaggerated.

Even if everyone really was a ‘terrorist’ (whatever that means in the context of war I have no idea), it doesn’t change the fact that state parties have continually violated international humanitarian law.


The Donald a good honest man as long as the US bombs Syria some time between now and the end of humanity


he’s fully cucked himself on this one imo




I forget if I already said this, but does anyone else not even remember what it was like before him? I can’t even imagine waking up and not automatically dreading the news and being filled with anxiety all day and all night. It’s fascinating / terrifying how quickly this became the new norm.

It’s like a perpetual game of tug of war where if they lose, people get adequate health insurance, and if we lose, poor people die and the planet becomes uninhabitable or we die in a nuclear holocaust. It’s insane.


The Bush Jr years would have been about the same if we’d had Twitter. Less ’ nuclear war imminent!’ stuff, but about the same daily ‘a moron is running the US and shit things are happening’ anyway


Yeah those 2001-2003 years especially, it felt like a constant panic as it was, let alone with Twitter.


And you can imagine what the 2004 US election and then the 2005 Madrid/London bombs would have been like



Boot INNNN!!!