Trump 2018 - Road to Midterms/Nuclear War



Could mean the end of the world though, so not really that funny.




This reads like something from the mind of Charlie Brooker when he was drawing comics from gaming magazines in the mid 90s.


I would like him gone but I also kinda don’t want this to end until I’m satisfied America has learned something, first and foremost that nobody should have access to this kind of horrifying power and so the office of president should probably be abolished.

@bugduv sorry but the fact he still won despite everything says waayy more about the state of the Democrats and the American system and society for me Clive. Amazed it could be seen any other way. It’d be like if Madrids first team got rekt 5-0 by lads on a stag do who didn’t even understand the rules of football.


As much as I’m mystified by your attitude, that is a top, top, top, top analogy.


Genuinely took me until “He kneels in front of the TV” part until I realised it was a joke.

And besides, He doesn’t even talk to Melania anyway!


Enjoying the number of people in the replies not realising it was a joke



I feel we should not be enabling this guy’s insanity at this point. He’s clearly not well.


a million neocon dicks just wilted



Fucking. Hell.


President Brain Genius.


Being like, really smart


Had to check the tweet was real at that point


I’m trying so hard to imagine Obama or (Bill) Clinton saying those words in that order and I just can’t do it


…don’t spose you’re white and middle class, just a guess here?



Which is exactly why people fell for the gorilla thing. Nothing is too outlandish to be true.