Trump 2018 - Road to Midterms/Nuclear War


I.e. you’re not anyone going to be directly/immediately harmed by the disgusting machinations made by Trump’s fuck-ups. So the whole 'this’ll teach ‘em’ comes off as utterly baffling at best, malicious to the vulnerable at worst. Consider whether there’s a better way of reading it before you open fire?


caveat: if you ARE someone who is currently being directly affected negatively by the Trump govt i automatically take back that entire train of thought, obviously.


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for something more befitting genuine worry, and since we’re on the subject of privilege, may i refer you to the neonazi in the white house or the number of BME activists in the USA who have been repeatedly ignored when they’ve said over the last year that having a black president for 8 years didn’t change the level of violence and deprivation they experience and the only thing appreciably different about trumpism is how there’s no longer any coyness to a white supremacist system they’ve been getting killed by for 200+ years.

seriously, see above. it smacks of privilege to fire off three posts worth of passive-aggressive concern trolling about how some random internet person chooses to express his anger with a fucked up american system that kills people all over the world and, sufficiently satisfied you have shamed them, toddle off without even, as of the hour mark, having a courtesy click of the PPP article to get a feel for just one reason why lessons might need to be learned from all of this.


Yes. The democrats-hilarious-failure-look-how-stupid-they-are-lolol cry-laughing emoji doesn’t help in changing that sense of glee either.

I think pretty much everyone is worried about the neonazi in the white house. You’re the only person across a gigantic number of blogs, papers, tweets and etc so far that has actually decided that they “don’t want this to end until I’m satisfied America has learned something.”

I’m still here buddy.

It would take a genuine child not to understand why lessons need to be learned. But it would take an equally childish attitude to want to see further pains inflicted.


*only person I have seen.


After you’ve replied to this’n, btw, happy to move to PMs so that this thread doesn’t go full super-shit for everyone other than you and me (or perhaps including you and me)


I’m happy for this struggle session to go on here, as long as it’s kept as relatively above the belt as it has been so far.


Alright, call it if it gets dull for everyone though coz I’m sure neither of us will mind continuing this in PMs to not consume the entire thread if so


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Just wanted to say that BT’s reply def made it clear to me that I was reading his initial post in the worst possible take and, tbf given his overall worldview, should have given him the benefit of the doubt before I gave it both barrels preemptively. Ne pas de beeves. Sorry BT


No problem, I was at fault too. :v:




Realise the whole Trump situation is really terrifying and depressing, but this headline really made me chuckle.


Aye getting this alert on my phone earlier was really quite something