Trump 2018 - Road to Midterms/Nuclear War






All hail the rat king


black lives matter crashed the wedding of the cop who shot stephen clarke 20 times in his grandmother’s back garden for holding a mobile phone.

BLM are absolute heroes. i hope they crash every special moment of the cops’ lives until they repent or throw themselves in the sea.


trying to provoke some kind of uprising or an excuse for intervention i guess.

you know what’s quite interesting is the coverage of the maduro assassination attempt. all the main outlets were calling it a false flag by an embattled government. i went and checked out how they covered the helicopter attack from a few years back. outlets were calling it a false flag attack by an embattled government. until they decided the cop who did it was actually a hero. it’s incredible how the media just unquestioningly centers US foreign policy line on everything.


Wedding Crashers 2: Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn Get Woke


An account of the incident if anyone wants to read it



But why on earth would Trump ever wan-



sorry but this is epic banter


Personally I’m amazed anyone’s still making the stuff, but then the old Soviet bloc does exist.


It’s the CFCs thing, innit. Awful for lots of reasons, but really really good at the thing it was supposed to do.


Lost count of the amount of times i’ve read something assuming it was a parody.


not the point, but Cyrillic script/ alphabet just looks boss AF


Technically you don’t make asbestos as it is naturally occurring (/pedant). It is mined out of the ground and then used to make stuff with. Lots of countries (such as Russia) have vast reserves of the stuff and don’t seem too bothered about using it for various things, whereas it’s banned in the EU. I imagine it’s a godsend in the winter as they’ll use it for things like building and pipe insulation to combat the winter cold.

I look forward to our post Brexit deal with America where they ship us loads of their asbestos boards to line our hovels with


Aaron banks and Wetherspoons will come together make new pubs on every corner made solely of asbestos and national service will be brought in to staff them.
Chlorinated chicken Wednesdays, the only time you can now eat meat will be £8750 for a chicken burger, chips and a pint thanks to hyperinflation




“to ensure America’s dominance in space” is a sentence that just highlights how ridiculous it all is, isn’t it


There’ll be some proper cushy jobs going there. Report into Pence and Trump once per quarter, “everything’s going great, we’ve designed silver uniforms”.


They’ve mastered wars on land so…