Trump 2018 - Road to Midterms/Nuclear War


frum and kristol are great satans and both part of the reason i will teach my kids to chant death to america. dunno many of the others. anyway this is hilarious:




Soz for playing the man not the ball, but calling people grifters when you’ve got a patreon for your independent journalism is pretty hypocritical.


i’m extremely irked by all the embarrassing #resistance types in the replies making fun of a non-Anglicised spelling of a name.




I assume the next few weeks will be people on Twitter deluding themselves that there’s any possible way to stop that awful Kavanaugh guy being confirmed for the Supreme Court. There isn’t. Next time don’t fuck up election after election.


“Mr Trump responded by asking if Agent Orange was “that stuff from that movie”, which people in the room quickly came to understand was a reference to a scene in Apocalypse Now in which US attack helicopters assault a Vietnamese village.

The Daily Beast reported various people informed the president the scene showed the US military using napalm, not Agent Orange.

Mr Trump reportedly refused to accept he was wrong. “No, I think it’s that stuff from the movie,” he is quoted as saying. He then polled people in the room over which chemical weapon they thought the scene depicted.

He finally asked for the thoughts of Mr Weidman, who assured him it was napalm, adding he thought the movie did a disservice to Vietnam veterans.

Well, I think you just didn’t like the movie,” Mr Trump reportedly responded, concluding the two-minute argument“

Is the Daily Beast like the Onion? Am I being trolled here?


I think about this precise moment of Trump’s presidency about twice a week.


Imagine not being able to find this whole thing just a tiny bit funny. They’ll be remembering this presidency and laughing hundreds of years from now. The people scavenging plastic cups to shingle their roofs in the salt deserts, I mean



jesus christ, boots going all in here


I was hoping to see this on Wednesday. It’s disappointing to read this.

Sorry to bother you is ace btw, Don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like it.


Hmm, similar to Detroit then. Very disappointing.


yeah, i had a feeling they’d exaggerate but if boots is right here this film is basically really sinister fan fiction.


So have you guys seen the film or were you just happy to read that and have it spoiled for you? I’ll come back to it after this weekend


i was aware of the “true story” but according to the above^ lots has been changed and loads of strange tangents added in that will probably make the history nerd in me angrily spit popcorn in the cinema.



Cohen strikes a plea bargain :eyes:


Manafort guilty of 8 charges, CNN are saying each carries 30 years. Eek. Jury couldn’t agree on the other 10. He’s clearly a slimy fucker, good stuff.

Cohen is taking a plea to protect assets and his family. Only at risk of 5 years apparently… must’ve coughed up something worthwhile… Does this mean he’s got anything on Trump? Who knows, Tapper, Wolf etc are practically sporting boners.