Trump 2018 - Road to Midterms/Nuclear War


Why would fossil fuel companies ever donate to Democrats anyway? Surely they’d just prefer to always donate to Team Evil?


Everyone donates to both sides so they’ve got a seat at the table whoever wins.



and they get that seat, without fail, every time.




Oh god


Sweet, I wonder if they’ll let me in if I show them my Ozyfest wristband.


Johann Hari, Milo AND Kane. What a line-up.

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Is ‘Baby Trump’ what I think it is?


Chad Goes Deep must surely be Sacha Baron-Cohen, right?


“It” has almost certainly happened imo

it’s weird cos when i first started mixing with wealthier kids in high school, one of the first things i noticed about upper middle to upper class families was how much daughters and dads flirted with each other. very odd and uncomfortable scenes at birthday parties and what have you.


why the fuck is cameron esposito on the bill?!


They’re going for Kushner, surely?


Republicans: better than democrats sometimes


Driving in the car yesterday when they were talking about him no longer seeking medical care. The radio announcer said that Trump had yet to comment about it. The wife says, “and he won’t because he’s a garbage human being.”
Quick as a flash I says, “Yeah, but he’s dying of cancer.”

Absolutely zinged them democrats


I really, really want Trump to attend McCain’s funeral and make a speech.


Barmy how McCain has flitted between face and heel storylines so easily. Every now and again i start thinking that deep down there’s a good man in there, but then hmmm.

Sad that he’s ill, obviously, wouldn’t wish something like that on my worst enemy, but frustrating how he’s so shamelessly veered between appearing to have some principles and being a massive shithouse, even by the standards of most modern politicians.

(Is it out of order speaking of him like that given his situation? Apologies if so).


The only good thing he ever achieved was downing several US war planes. He is a hideous human being and his awful family are going to milk his death for all it’s worth in the months to come. Would highly recommend Rolling Stone’s 2008 profile of him to get a feel for the kind of monster he is. A guy who firebombed civilian villages because he knew the medals he’d win for it would help his political career. The world is better without him and everyone like him tbh.