Trump 2018 - Road to Midterms/Nuclear War




well by selecting palin in 2008, he effectively finalised the project bush and reagan had been working on, which was to create a mainstream, hegemonic, batshit insane american right. this in turn created the opening for trump, the guy you are now hoping will be killed by the fbi. so overall mccain deserves, at best, no more than a 6.5/politics.


That’s John McCain dead now


i seem to remember thinking the david foster wallace essay on his 1999/2000 nomination race was ‘quite good’. really can’t remember much about it though. think it was more positive on him it ought to be. might reread it at some point



A fitting tribute if ever there was one


'Tis good and I’ll be re-reading it too:

More about following a presidential campaign in general than about McCain, iirc…



he was quite the wordsmith in his day, as you can see here:



would love to know the conflict all those NFL player haters are feeling right now


Racists feel conflict now?


It’s a point worth reiterating so I’m not going to Wolfcastle.gif :wink:


“Little thing: Merry Christmas, right? You couldn’t say ‘Merry Christmas’,”


i once saw a mate’s divorced dad lose a poker game and demand a share of the winnings anyway. he was so drunk he pissed himself and fell into some cat litter. that was still more dignified than how the yank is conducting himself in defeat here, tbh.


lmao trump genuinely out-negotiated them the fucking morons


like trump literally had schumer, the largest democrat, begging him to rename the building after mccain, the dead republican, and before he even got this he approved trump’s judges. haha. and it turns out the building was named after a democrat before schumer did this. oh my.



update: he didn’t even get the building renamed. but trump got his lifetime picks for the SC. #resistancewin #drumpf





Hey, not an overly politically aware peron here. Just trying to stir things up a little bit here so don’t take this to seriously, but has he actually been as bad as everyone expected? Regarding war and the death of civilians in the middle east, how’s he looking? It’s one thing being a sexist douche but I feel like I was hearing about more atrocities when Obama was in office? Am I wrong?