Trump 2018 - Road to Midterms/Nuclear War


Depends on your tolerance for separating children from their parents and keeping them in cages, or dog whistle praising of hardcore white supremacists and the consequences of that for people of colour, or the contuing utter refusal to address the gun culture despite repeated mass shootings, or the deliberate destruction of the strides made towards universal healthcare by Obama, or a massive tax cut for the ultra rich, or…

I mean I could go on. I got an email at work the other day from our regulatory department that talked about a bunch of stuff that’s coming out of the EPA, which I think had been lost (to me) in the noise of all the other stuff that’s been going on. He’s rolling back emissions standards for cars, and even stuff like reductions in mercury emissions from power plants. Mercury!


More coal! Jerusalem! Trade wars! Paris agreement! Iran!


Think basically leaving the people of Puerto Rico to their own devices and die quietly during that hurricane, followed by active efforts to misrepresent the death toll literally by thousands served as a pretty good atrocity if that’s what you like.

Plus all the stuff in Yemen that nobody seems to be reporting about

Then those air strikes in Syria that look like they may well have killed civilians


just pick a random day like oh…today


I’d say, yeah.

But even if he hadn’t been i don’t see the argument that a politician who offers no balance whatsoever and purposely distorts the truth of virtually everything deserves to be judged in a balanced way.

If anything he gets away with seriously dangerous, on-a-whim policy because there are so many “…but…Obama” conspiracy theorists incapable of putting the bong down.


Think there’s going to be a big Trump blow up this weekend. Aretha’s funeral yesterday, and John McCain any time now. Big occasions which he’s barred from and which make him look like the fucking child that he is.

He’ll do one of his big random attacks to make everything all about him again. Probably declare war on Canada or something.


i mean among other things his pointless stirring up of tensions in Israel/Palestine by moving the embassy for no reason quite directly led to Israel murdering 52 Palestinians on opening day…


tfw a reasoned critique of the systemic issues that keep throwing up terrible presidents who set the world aflame is bong hitting conspiracism.

but yeah he’s shitty. he’s worse than obama. it’s just that everything he’s doing now was either done before, more evilly, or else finds an antecedent in some bit of minor evil from a previous president. ffs he’s not even the first rapist to hold the office, and melania isn’t the first spouse to tolerate this in return for wealth and power (hi hillary).




wonder what post-post-truth with look like?

Is there room for a doctrine that’s basically only believe and pay attention to things you can independently verify with your own eyes and ears?


Flat Earthers


don’t think you can prove that by looking at it though.


Looks pretty flat from where I’m sitting, m9


that said I can’t really prove that the earth is an oblate spheroid or whatever so deep down I have to reject that too


I mean @ghosthalo’s post is a great example because I have no idea if he’s laughing at this documentary/expose for being ridiculous or laughing at how obviously true it is.


I have an instinctive laugh reflex solely for the term ‘active measures’, dunno if gh is the same.

active measures with trevor eve.


don’t know what active measures means beyond like something you are doing actively right now


as I understand it, its a translation of a Russian phrase meaning political influence overseas/propoganda.

came into popular usage with all the russiagate stuff - imo people just seem to like saying it cause it makes them feel like they’re in a spy novel.


i’m laughing because it reminds me of other excited misapplicaplications of new words libs learn such as kompromat and also because you could make exactly the same documentary about the united states or france or germany or the uk and be even more correct but that won’t win any oscars and it won’t get a passable tomato score and you’ll be sneered at as a conspiracy theorist or a russian agent.


sounds like you’re a bit biased?