Trump 2018 - Road to Midterms/Nuclear War


I blame the Republican Party much more than trump for all this shire. He’s a fucking cretin of the highest order but they quickly recognised they could roll out all their shitty plans with him at the forefront taking the blame.


I think there’d be fewer acts of performative cruelty. The Republican mainstream have a concept of decorum which in their minds sets them apart from the explicitly racist, white supremacist elements of the right, so whilst they love their dog whistles and race-war-by-proxies they wouldn’t do anything as flagrant as the travel ban if they had one of their own guys like Marco Rubio front and centre.

Stuff like that and the Wall all have the showy, tasteless fingerprints of Trump on them. Things like the tax bill and the stripping away of all environmental protections though are absolutely things they’ve be pushing through regardless.


maybe this is the “death drive” phase of declining empires or something. i guess europe went through the same thing between 1914-1945 or thereabouts.


also, shifting more equipment such as tank killer RPGs to some very nasty groups in ukraine falls into the needless provocation category too. whether he’s doing it because of this russia stuff is debatable tbh, 'cos as @kiyonemakibi said, 99% of what he’s doing, especially regarding foreign policy, is stuff the GOP have been itching to do for years.


and stuff like this would not be any different under obama or any other democrat tbh, systemic problems


This is so weird and frightening. Imagine this doddering, dementia ridden patsy during the tax reform discussions.


The title of this thread feels slightly less jokey all of a sudden.


Pretty sad that an illiterate moron is going to bring an end to all civilisation. I mean, although it wouldn’t be ideal, a charismatic tyrant would be preferable.



Sums us up as a species, though. Capable of great things, let down by our own selfishness and stupidity, and inability to see when we’re being selfish and stupid. That’s Trump all over.


These nukes are like the F35 arent they, useless death machines that only serve as excuses to subsidize the arms industry. Welfare for Raytheon. With russia iran and nk being all you need to say to drum up bipartisan support for armageddon. It’s all so stupid it’s almost too much to deal with.

:man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming: out of 5.






One day this cunt will die, so there’s at least that joyous day on the horizon I suppose.




Best we can hope for at this point


Fucking crazy stuff. Even for him. He said this at a bipartisan meeting, just mind boggling that he isn’t able to check himself. I mean we all know he’s a total piece of shit, but this is just more evidence of his decidedly iffy mental health.

I’m glad that Anderson Cooper finally took the plunge and called him a racist. Not the usually “racially loaded language” etc. And credit to the black panellists who are saying that Trump is a well documented life long racist and that tbqh Racism in the white house is far from new.





Greenwald is good folks. Here we see how this vote is proof of how seriously the Democrats actually take this whole resistance/Russiagate business.


I’ve been hoping the stress of the job gives him a massive coronary