Trump 2018 - Road to Midterms/Nuclear War


I definitely am but I’ve never pretended otherwise tbf. Plus the stuff people are getting so excited about and blaming on russia atm is just standard counterintelligence stuff bam, different countries vying for influence and power over each other. It’s as old as the idea of nation states i suppose.

Also altho putin is not nice but tbh some of the reasons the kremlin has for wanting to hurt the US and curtail their global influence are understandable and in some instances fully justified.


yeah, I have a hard time not believing everything any government says and does is deliberately untruthful.

At a certain point all knowing about politics/world events/any news does is make me feel a generalised sense of distrust and paranoia towards the world.

What’s the cure?


also there is a nasty streak of racism running thru much of the russia stuff and it is not cool that many russian people no longer feel welcome in certain political spaces.


He’s going to be even more demented on Twitter in the run-up to midterms. Not to mention the NFL season starting.


Alright, Billy Joel.

No seriously, we’re all boned


award for best unintentional own of 2018 has a new front runner


Not sure how unintentional that is, the Post has pretty weird politics sometimes.


I’m sure we’ll have Trump getting mad at Nike on Twitter by tomorrow as well as a couple of MAGA types burning their Nike trainers to own the libs


Hope so. Love kaepernick



And as sure as night follows day, I’ve already seen the ceremonial trainer burning pictures on Twitter.


On the edge of our seats


Between First Man, the new Nike campaign and the possibility of Melissa McCarthy getting another Oscar nomination, we’re hopefully going to see some MAGA chumps imploding with rage over the next few months. Preferably before midterms.


new chapo for the week. it’s chapo. here it is. chapo, let’s go.


This is a slightly odd one because while on one hand: yay for Kap both turning things to his advantage and making more maga chuds’ heads explode; but on the other, do Nike not use sweatshops, child labour, only set up manufacturing in countries with no unions etc? They’ve done a lot of PR work to burnish their reputation since No Logo, but no idea if anything has actually changed

also the hashtag looks like Just Dolt


Hello friends


Needlessly Defensive this’d this


With hookers and blackjack!


it’s fire this week. and massively depressing. love to agree the fuck out of podcasts.




[…] (below, the writer is referencing former CIA director john brennan’s words but my snipping tool skills have fucked up the image)

not my words btw, just excerpts from something interesting i found online. because this discusses class and systems of power it’s probably bong hitting conspiracism but wcyd.