Trump 2018 - Road to Midterms/Nuclear War


The Woodward book’s got the Wotsit peak rattled.



Wonder if there’ll be another Woodward out plane then


Hey, everyone going mad over Brett Kavanaugh being shit, you know when the time was to stop someone like him getting to the Supreme Court? The last four or five bloody elections!


In fairness I feel that the people actually protesting the hearing might have done both

Edit: I assume your post in aimed at the Twitterati, which is why I liked it


I couldn’t vote in them.


Millennial defeatist attitude in a nutshell smh


I love this reality we are somehow in


Not really secret any more is it if you publish it online


iirc they already did this bit shortly after the inauguration and nobody gave a shit or believed it then? what do they think, if they stick it in the NYT instead of on twitter it will be more plausible?



I, treason?


No, stare


is this Ed Balls day all over again?



Pretty mad if he actually brings the “deep state” into the light and shows how little power a president actually has.


has trump ‘drained the swamp’ yet? (serious question)


have to say i think people are right and this is pence taking out a little insurance for 2020. i mean the article only laments the loss of civility in discourse or some shit but it is very on board with all the actual evil and only wishes trump were nicer to the lanyard cunts and nastier to north korea and russia


The more things change…


This “I am part of the resistance” stuff feels like it could be a bluff from someone in Trump’s camp, idk. Feels a bit lame and counter-productive going public otherwise, idk.


This anonymous insider shit is pure poison for anyone who’s rooting for a “blue wave” this November. It’s perfectly in line with what Chapo talked about this week - the more people like the Clintons, Obamas, McCains etc pal about and tut tut at Trump, the more people think, “wait, those fuckers never did shit for me, maybe we should stick with Trump”. Now that’s Trump’s rhetoric about a deep state swamp is all being proved to be true, that there actually is a cadre in Washington working to undermine him and the democratic process ("he stole the election though!!1! wah wah whatever) plays entirely into his hands.