Trump 2018 - Road to Midterms/Nuclear War


The anonymous insider is…Trump!


Will start railing against my office’s clear desk policy as deep state interference :+1:


:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


he’s actually a big thicc boy isn’t he, never noticed it before


Wasn’t there some talk about how his doctor lied about his weight/BMI when he had a medical a few months ago?


i remember this, he came in at 239lb which just happens to be 1 pound under the clinical definition of obese


not as explosive as tweet makes out but it’s nice to watch the little slug wriggle for a couple of minutes before he becomes a lord and master of the feudal empire of north america


Cue MAGA types trashing their cars


What would happen if the NRA came out in support of kaepernick?


Do they prioritise having a gun or being attention seekingly racist


Yeah, ‘doctor’


Could never trust any bugger with that many icons on their desktop.


for those not in the know, venezuela has the world’s largest proven oil reserves. due to its chemical composition (iirc) it is very hard to process and refine. many refineries that specialize in this are located in…yep…the USA.

hands off venezuela you awful cunts




Beautiful tribute.



Andrew Cuomo continues to be terrible, and leads Cynthia Nixon by 40 points or so. Curse you New York state!



generally try not to let the cunt get to me but the way he talks about 3000 people dying in puerto rico as if he’s just slagging off some news anchor is really pushing me over the edge. stuff like this is going to be so hard to explain to people in years to come.


TW: thread contains examples of sexual/psychological abuse and damning text message exchanges