Trump 2018 - Road to Midterms/Nuclear War


Well we don’t want people from shithole countries coming here, I guess…


haha what a snowflake



(Deal was made in 2008 apparently under Bush, FWIW.)


“It’s where? Vauxhall? Bin it off lads, can go get fucked if they think I’m travelling all the way out there”


Maybe it’s more the location he’s annoyed about. I mean, the fact that it’s been built in Nine Elms was only announced yesterday, wasn’t it?


It’s at the top of a small slope so he wouldn’t be able to struggle to the door.


Wouldn’t hold your breath, Reagan lived to 93 after all


Perhaps he’ll come if he finds out that Vauxhall is a Russian train station.


to be fair i avoid vauxhall too


This is one of my favourite bits of trivia btw.

  1. There’s an arrow in the FedEx logo
  2. Edinburgh is further west than Bristol
  3. Voksal is the Russian for train station.


In any normal, democratic society someone would be forced or even feel obliged to resign from a position of power had they been openly racist or derogatory about people and countries the way Trump has. If my local MP said African countries were shitholes, or Mexicans were rapists, or people lived in huts and had AIDS then he/she would quite quickly be pressured into standing down.


Not so sure that would always be the case coughBorisJohnsoncough


And our own former boardm9 icouldwinarabbit makes a further salient point about it all in this little thread


Defunding UNRWA is probably one of the worst things hes gonna do I reckon


Article in todays guardian for anyone who doesnt knw what this is


ohhhhhhh shit you said the word


She was a bloody top lad. Hope she’s well. And ol’ douchie as well. Definite members of bugduv’s strongest XI. Shame some of the good ones don’t post any more.

  1. Uncle Phil from Fresh Prince did the voice of Shredder in the TMNT cartoon


Further west than Cardiff, m9.