Trump 2018 - Road to Midterms/Nuclear War


don’t remember seeing this already posted but here’s the latest development in disenfranchising minorities…


america is full fash


bit of an effort post. i thought it might be useful to look at approval ratings to guage how an american views their political reality. i guess you can say you can use polls to prove anything & you’d be right.

surprisingly strong showing for trump

in conclusion america is a land




When was Frank Sinatra president?



i mean that’s an evil thing to say but he is right that they won and appealing to decency isn’t going to cut it. towards the end, confirming kavanaugh was more important to republicans for how much it upset libs and progressives. Dems aren’t learning that “how DARE you” has no effect, it’s ridiculous.


I thought maybe the mysterious woman in the background there was Nikki Haley (aiding the current president to make deals in Hell?), but turns out that’s the First Woman President Yet To Come. Very, very odd.



The US loves the death penalty almost as much as it loves military spending


more info on the artist here


Been scanning the background to see if Vigo the Carpathian was cutting about.


why in fuck’s name would you give fash cunts the satisfaction of a DNA test to prove your ethnicity? what could you possibly hope to achieve by this?


like obama produced his birth certificate to keep them quiet and they still formed the tea party and marched around with AR15s in front of burning effigies of his family, just don’t give them the satisfaction ffs


oh shit :grimacing:


Wasn’t that what saddam was gonna do?


What’s the potential ramifications of this?


well i’m not overly informed about currency and economics, but as @safebruv says saddam was allegedly planning something similar. maybe a “spontaneous” coup, maybe more overt military activity in the region? there was the attempted bombing of maduro earlier this year, carried out allegedly with CIA knowledge but without their approval. the venezuelan opposition have sent several delegations to washington requesting military and financial backing over the last 18 months, cooler heads in US admin prevailed. if i were the ven opp leaders, now might be a good time to make the case to DC again.


sorry that sounds garbled. imo if US does anything, it’ll be using whatever the venezuelan equivalent of contras are, plus drone strikes. they have a weirdly covetous yet disrespectful attitude towards latin america, rarely consider any of its nations “worthy” of full scale invasion.

on the other hand: trump. whoch could mean full on war or (hopefully) bumbling towards nothing.


and more directly the why of why this is a big deal - the us are terrified of the dollar not being the global reserve currency and think one country breaking from it could start a run of others.

Venezuela doing this could mean plans for a coup would get backing from more than just the truly insane hawks who have been pushing that sort of stuff up to now. the Sensible People who just want to protect the USA’s interests could be brought on board too.