Trump 2018 - Road to Midterms/Nuclear War


Yeah, that’s my thinking. It’s always when the bottom line of American imperialism is called into question that the whole apparatus gets on board, Democrats included.



Fucking hell


Almost unbelievable. Guess it’s the logical extension to the the American right’s ability to say literally anything at the moment and not be pulled up for it. I honestly didn’t think that current political discourse in the US had that much further to fall, but just shows how wrong you can be. JFC.

(I’m still not 100% sure this isn’t a spoof. This can’t actually be real. Surely.)


It’s real. Been condemned by both Arkansas Congressional candidates.


Cannot see this causing any problems whatsoever


This is fucking UNREAL!!!

It sounds like something you’d hear on Family Guy!




didn’t see this coming


ah that old chestnut where the Republicans go on about the racism of the Democrats in the 19th century without acknowledging that it was because they were the conservatives.

bit like when centrists say they wouldn’t vote for Corbyn because Labour invaded Iraq.



the republican party of the 19th century especially under lincoln was alien to 2018s.

ffs his staff had very friendly correspondance with karl marx, even weighed up whether to join the international!


If we end up with a scenario next month where the Democrats lose Senate seats but win back the House and some key state governor races I expect the media to act baffled over the idea of elections with no absolute winner. I’m also half-expecting James Comey to come charging in before the end of October with some attempt to derail the Democrats’ House chances.


They don’t need Comey ruining their chances, they can do it on their own. Hillary’s rictus grin prominently splashed over the news sites will be enough incentive for the hooting swine to vote and everyone else not to.

This is a decent article on how the ground game shakes out in the US. Probably said it before but the biggest obstacle to genuine reform and progress there isn’t the Republicans, but the Democrats.


i don’t think you’ve mentioned it :wink:


I wasn’t really being serious, but cheers for pointing out what I already know, thanks.

Also, maybe I’m just not paying attention, but Hillary Clinton really doesn’t seem to be a feature in this election cycle.


Give her time.


Well, she’s doing a ginormous tour (might have already started cba to look it up) with her loathsome husband. Don’t worry, she’ll have plenty of chance to stick her oar in :frowning:


Cuddly centrist JB Pritzker and evil Bruce Rauner have spent $230m on the Illinois governors race so far.


lol wtf will menaker from chapo trap house is getting sued for 100mil by some wife beater