Trump 2018 - Road to Midterms/Nuclear War


he seems fine, handsome chap too. probably the only good thing trump did was destroy ted cruz’s sense of entitlement to the presidency so hopefully beto can finish the job and drive ted to throw his bloblike form into the sea



He’s about as decent a politician as could end up in that position, I.e. he’s very slightly to the left of Obama.

I mean, Obama was undeniably pretty hot.



i understand what he’s trying to do but i feel like stuff like this could get someone hurt. when irony-free american chuds get triggered they storm pizza parlours with AR15s or drive into crowds of protesters.


Totally agree. Whilst it’s undeniably very satisfying to wind up mouth-breathers in the internet, in the end all this is likely to do is raise the threat of (possibly lethal) violence against immigrants and protestors. Obvs this poster is not responsible for the actions of others but this is very careless IMO


Although tbf this isn’t that different from Alex Jones going on about how antifa are planning an attack on Trump every couple of months.


There’s an iffy story about Beto potentially trying to flee from a drink driving accident. (better link)

His positions are pretty progressive (for the US)


iirc when the rumour went around last year about “antifa supersoldiers” it did actually bring out some proud boys and armed 3%ers, so it’s not like we don’t know how seriously they take ridiculous stuff. that^ is relatively plausible from a paranoid mindset point of view.


FFS lads.

*Edit - pretty sure Trump supporters will already be thinking that Soros and the Clinton’s planted explosive devices in their own homes in an attempt to smear Trump. America is fucked up.


According to some folks the right has not been and is never violent :man_shrugging:


Wasn’t us guv


Pretty much the same thing as folks in the media courting Pizzagate controversy innit? Obviously it’s fine to do this in a country where most folks have easily available access to arms…


well this was inevitable really, such a violent climate over there, him whipping up the numpties, so forth. at least nobody was hurt. be very curious to see what conspiracy theories are spun out of this.


Apparently CNN office in New York now being evacuated after suspicious package is found :confused:



Just hoping like fuck that none of these go off. Relieved and a bit surprised that at least one hasn’t.


is there a chance these are duds sent to scare the shit out of people/test response times? some people saying as much. hopefully they are.


I thought that too, but that video you posted, whoever the guy being interviewed is he suggested the FBI were saying they are capable of causing harm and it’s not a hoax :man_shrugging:


ah reet, i can’t watch with sound at work. shit :grimacing: