Trump 2018 - Road to Midterms/Nuclear War


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Police are also investigating a potential suspicious package at the office of Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz in Sunrise, Florida, NBC’s Miami affiliate reported.

The office has been evacuated and the bomb squad has been sent to the site, according to CNN.

It’s unclear what the package sent to Wasserman Schultz contained and false alarms are not uncommon.

Wasserman Schultz is the former head of the Democratic National Committee.


Anybody who looks at Twitter when something like this happens is a fucking moron.


A fucking moron.


From the Guardian:

The package sent to CNN’s studios was addressed to former CIA director John Brennan care of CNN, the network reported.

Brennan, who has clashed publicly with President Trump, is actually a contributor to MSNBC and NBC News and is not affiliated with CNN.



i mean it’s not the bomb story but it’s the same mindset at play:

(TW: racist language)


by which i mean here we have an unhinged political faction willing to throw everybody not like them under the bus for power and wealth, terrifying, but unsurprising people are answering the call by sending bombs to political figures on the other side


Yeah, the murder of Jo Cox didn’t come out of nowhere.

Also the Finsbury Park far-right terrorist attack:


Hey guys. Like I’ve said Susan Collins is my senator and lives a couple of blocks from my in laws. She was sent ricin the other day.

Please don’t just pretend that it’s right wingers who are cunts.


That turned out to not be true.


Oh. Disregard what I said then.


nah she was sent the seeds from the plant that you get ricin from iirc, i think the dipshit who did it didn’t realise you had to process them. what we have to remember is the modern right wing is composed of people who think breaking bad is a documentary,


I’m not sure right wingers would try to kill her after she had backed Kavanagh for the supreme court. I mean they might have, but being stupid isn’t just for right wing people so can’t just say it was them cos they fucked up.


away with bothsidesism, man.

no one is claiming that left wing people dont do crazy or violent things sometimes, but right wing terrorism in the us outstrips left wing terrorism by a huge amount, and the vast majority of left terror attacks are animals rights/eco terror based rather than something linked into established currents of thought in the broad left or the democratic party. you cant say that of right wing violence, which is supported rhetorically by very powerful people in the media and in your institutions.

right wing violence is quantitatively & qualitatively leagues more dangerous and more concerning.


i was talking shit tbf, i misremembered who susan collins was (altho it’s possible she isn’t extreme enough for the maga lot idk much about her outside the kavanaugh thing)


I was thinking something along those lines. She’s famously one of roughly two Republican senators who are swing voters on the big stuff (in her case because Maine is pretty blue), so the alt-right and base hate her as much as they did McCain. Idk, it’s possible a radical leftist sent her that ricin, but it doesn’t exactly follow the pattern nationwide.


You can bet that Republican primary voters in Maine will chuck Collins out in favour of some even worse foaming at the mouth MAGA type at some point


So you’re saying that immediately following the Kavanaugh vote, the alt-right were more likely to want to harm her than the radical left?


As I said, it’s possible. It’s possible someone worked themselves up so much online about her supporting Kavanaugh that they did it, there’s enough bile floating around leftist hangouts for that to be the case. I’m really trying hard not to become a fake news false flag Benghazi type person.

But a) the radical left in the US are a tiny faction that devote most of their energy to fixing people’s brake lights and turning up to counter protest the alt-right, they haven’t been involved in serious unprovoked political violence for decades, b) historically the police have always thoroughly infiltrated them so you’d imagine if any of them tried anything serious they’d be down on them like a ton of bullet-spitting bricks, c) it’s not the radical left that are exposing themselves to absolute brain poison 24/7 about enemies within and without, traitors and the deep state that must be rooted out, a vast ephemeral hostility that’s coming to get them from every direction, and most pertinently d) it certainly wasn’t any leftist that just tried to kill a bunch of prominent Dems via mail.


I think that’s really unlikely, personally.

but I’ve spent the morning having a nosey through some stats and they seem to suggest that in the past decade right wing terrorist incidents are in the region of 25x more prevalent, injurious & deadly than left wing terrorist incidents.

a 25/1 ratio is fairly good reason to focus on one over the other, bothsidesing it is embarrassing.


Robert De Niro too now. This has gone TOO FAR.


nerdy admission: i post on 2 other pretty radical left american forums cos interesting, and even online there genuinely is a fed presence the mods are constantly having to deal with on both sites. it’s not swarmed with them by any means but the law definitely keeps a closer eye on the left than the right over there.