Trump 2019 Thread - Walls! Government shutdowns! Other stuff!

  • Trump is still President at the end of 2019
  • Trump is not President at the end of 2019

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War with who in 2019?

  • Iran
  • North Korea
  • Venezuela
  • Russia
  • No new wars in 2019

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Trump 2018 - Road to Midterms/Nuclear War
  • wall in 2019
  • no new walls

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I’m sure there will be new wars but not with those countries btw


The Democrats seem desperate to make it happen really.


Elizabeth ‘capitalist to my bones’ Warren running then. I don’t think she’s the worst of the dems but she’s far from the best.


Let’s face it, unless Bernie Sanders is the candidate (and he probably won’t be, too many idiots blame him for 2016), we’re going to be unhappy with whoever they pick for 2020.


she’s quite good tbf, by american standards, like the distance between her and the harris/o’rourke brigade is miles bigger than the distance between her and sanders/aoc.

got some good opinions on worker control.

but yeah, think she’s one of the few dems they could put up that i think would lose to trump, and also could fuck bernie in the primaries.


2 good reasons for the dems to boost her then - it “proves” moving left is a non-starter and bernie is finally eliminated as a threat


i think venezuela is the most likely target. small, ongoing crisis, virtually the whole media and political establishment have decided it’s an evil country in need of liberation. but i’m not sure he cares enough to get something going, unless he hands it off to his generals or the CIA or something?


I imagine sadly that a Conservative centrist will be successful for the Dems: they are probably counting on loads of Republicans preferring a Dem offering “bi-partisanship” over Trump, given he’s delivered so little and they can probably win with those voters flipping regardless of Bernie Bro and leftist types deserting.

Anyone more left is open to a lot more attack from Trump on the campaign trail.


Republicans won’t flip to a Democrat candidate, no matter how conservative they are. Democrats should be offering something to the many people who dislike Trump and they won’t do that if they just offer up more bland Hillary Clinton-style centrist gruel. Trump and Fox News will paint any opponent as Lenin reincarnated anyway.

Of course this is all immaterial, centrist gruel is the most likely candidate!


My impression of Americans is they are far more likely to flip fir a President and there are loads more who pick the person not the backing party.


ya many of them are fans as opposed to supporters. if they like the candidate as a personality, policy positions arrive a very distant second place. that’s my view anyway.


Also you have to consider Trump was an unknown and exciting quantity against a woman who had a huge amount of dislike associated with her and the gift of the email thing.

That’s why I mentioned how Trump has failed to achieve much. Plenty will have voted for him to shake things up and so far it looks like he’s failed to do anything.

So regardless of Fox etc there really isn’t going to be much belief in Trump as a good option for less frothing Conservative Yanks.


Anecdotal, but my Trump-voting family friend, who considers herself pretty centrist (i know lol) reckons he’s done a great job so far and life has improved for her and her family compared to under Obama and Dubya.


Oh shit, then. I just assumed there would be a whole seam of “centrist Republicans” who were likely to flip for a compromise candidate.


I know :frowning: I was really hoping she’d immediately be like “oh god he sucks, dingaling was right” but no negative consequences for her = happy days. Typical.


Sadly, general strength in the US economy counts for a lot in terms of Trump’s popularity. The “best” thing to damage his chance at a second term is probably another recession.


Considering the economy doing well his general popularity (with the approval rating in the low 40s generally) is terrible. He’s popular with Republican voters and Republican voters only because they love racism and ‘white people are so oppressed’ rhetoric and ‘owning the libs’

Also (in reply to that mention of the Trump voter above), if you’re expecting a Trump voter to change their mind on him you’re crazy - stop worrying what these idiots think.


If only we still had sensible, moderate voices in the administration.